Bah Hum Bug

I think hate may be a strong word. But, I dislike the greed of the holiday from the perspective of the stores. They seem to feed on the guilt of those who "must" buy. Then in the end of it all a ton of people end of just returning it anyway.
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I missed the cookery programmes on TV in my last post.
Who the hell cooks like any of these TV Chefs ??
The big day
The big feast……..
What a joke !!

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There are so many things about Christmas which I hate, they are almost too many to mention -
Charity scrounging adverts on TV
Supermarket adverts on TV
Steve Wright's show on Radio 2
Ant & Dec
General commercialisation

Call me Scrooge if you like…….I'm proud !!
What a waste of 24 hours.
We'll get out into the fresh air and do a walk in the local fells.


it is far too commercialised

amen...I just love the snow!

I think you are saying that you hate the materialism of the holidays. I don't think it is the fault of Christians but of capitalism and marketeers! Jesus's teachings lean socialist, but not many care about what he really said :)

I agree. I never celibrated Christmas the way I would want to before. But the way a lot of people do is laughable to me:) Not that I wouldn't love to go all out for it, but to some it up with Jesus, Santa, spend money, and prove you love me, seems funny.

I totally agree. Thank you. :o)

I's over rated and expensive for just one day

My feelings exactly, I've said bah humbug for years, I even have a grinch pin that says that very thing. It's not that I dislike Christmas it's all commercialism that goes along with it.

I don't see the point in waiting for onece or twice a year (I reject birthdays as well) to buy someone you care about a gift. I live in Japan and constantly think so-and-so will like this, and I purchase it and send it. My nieces had a "Christmas in October" when I sent them boxes and boxes of Hello Kitty.