Christmas... It Just Won't End

By "it just won't end," I don't mean the holiday season, although that is true, too... I started seeing Xmas decorations before Halloween. But I am referring to the year-in, year-out Christmas nonsense. My husband and I do not celebrate Xmas... no tree, no lights, we usually don't buy each other gifts, etc. To stay on good terms with my family, I ship some gifts to them (we live opposites sides of the continent). To stay on good terms with his family we spend the day with his parents, sister and her family (husband, two kids). I thought for sure we were off the hook this year. My husband's parents take of on the 18th of Dec. for a cruise to Australia. Yay! No Christmas obligation! I was so, so wrong. We got a cheerful email from his mother today asking if the 15th or 16th would be better for our Christmas get-together. Never mind the fact that they gave us two weeks notice and we already have plans on both days. Never mind that we were not included in the discussion of when, where or why and that it was taken for granted that we would just show up when we were told to. Why? Why? Why can't we just this one year skip it? What's wrong with everyone just doing their own thing? We JUST saw them not only on Thanksgiving, but the Saturday after Thanksgiving for my nephew's birthday, so it's not like a whole year (or even a whole month) have gone by without a gathering. Why? Why? Why? Sorry, just needed to rant. I'm about 90% there's an argument waiting for me at home about this....
scootyscoot scootyscoot
Dec 3, 2012