Totally Creeps Me Out

Totally hate it. Wish i could be put under narcosis halway December and awake somewhere in Januari. Hate the fake compulsory cheery atmosphere, the happy families, the sudden compassion for the sick and the poor(which will totally have disappeared by the time the tree loses it's green stuff), Hate the slimy music, the terrible movies on tele and bloody christianity itself. Please stop it. And it's everywhere and all the time, there is NO ESCAPE......
misszaskia misszaskia
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Thing is Xmas has little to do with Christianity any more it's all about greed and spending and getting slaughtered drunk. Sad, really. I hate Xmas songs too. Boring and repetitive rubbish!

If you figure out a way to go into suspended animation to bypass Christmas let me know. I'll hold your hand and we can bypass it together. Totally agree with your thoughts. One of the happiest days of the year for me is Dec 26 because it's over except for those annoying Xmas lights outside!!!

I can't stand Christmas either. Agree completely with you about the forced cheer-this would be enough in itself to make me depressed and stressed out, and I agree about the temporary compassion for the poor and sick-our local homeless shelter gets loads of food donations in December, but the rest of the year hardly anyone remembers it exists. I have been known to walk out of a shop when they play that awful song 'So here it is merry Christmas' by Slade.
I don't hate Christianity, though, as most of what we do at Christmas has no relation to it.

Couldn't agree more especially on the Slade thing! Awful piece of music that! As for the parties, well, I pretend to be happy. Most of the time I hate Xmas parties!