I Am Always Glad When Christmas Day Is Over.

The emphasis on family and togetherness make Christmas a hard time for me. I have no family and am lonely all the time, but at Christmas this is heightened. I see a friend on Christmas Eve and am grateful for her company as some people don't have any friends either, but I would love to have my own family to spend Christmas with. Christmas Day I am on my own. I read, go online, watch TV etc but am aware that I am keeping busy so as not to think too much about how deeply alone I am. It is always a relief when Boxing Day comes. There is so much pressure to enjoy Christmas and to be happy. At least when the 'big day' is over, this pressure goes as well.
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I go to a reading group and apparently we have Charles Dickens to thank or to curse for
the promotion of Christmas as a family time. Before his day, Christmas was a community event with big feasts taking place in public, so anyone could go. I wish it was like this now-then noone need remain outside it all.

Believe me, very few families are fabulous. Mine, for example, everyone looking in thinks is perfect. But it is seriously awful. Vicious with smiles on their faces. I grew up in a family of lizards.

I can't wait either. It's such a stupid celebration nowadays, all about family getting together. What a load of absolute hogwash. This is the last time I expose myself to these people. I need to find a new family. That is nice to each other.