Xmas Sucks....

Christmas just ain't the same to me any more.. I kinda miss the way Christmas time felt when I was a kid. It would be nice if we had snow this Christmas just to stop visitors coming round. The older I get, the less stuff I get... The worst thing about Christmas is being forced to be under the same roof as people you really would prefer not to be around. 
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6 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Me too. Bah Humfuck!

I have that love hate relationship with Christmas. I love the food and the decorations and being with people I care about but then their is the other side of preparing all the food the decorations and wishing some of the people in my life would just leave.

I so hear you. Maybe you should consider going on a Christmas cruise. Without the irritating relatives.

I wish I could afford it ;-)

I hate it when strangers say merry Christmas to me after being a complete jerk off(this happened to me tonight at my job), and expect me to say it back to them. Like I'm going to just forget their behavior from a couple seconds ago.

I get it..Xmas is just for the kids after 25 Xmas becomes repetitive and boring. I find I am getting less and less presents too. I also hate Christmas songs if I hear Slade one more time I will scream and scream!!

Hehe You're actually wishing it snows on Christmas. :D But yeah, I understand the feeling.