You Won't Believe This...

The reasons I hate Christmas are:
1. Every year my partner does Santa parties as Santa and I have to support him and tell him he is the best Santa in the world and he will be great at the party/craft market/children's show...every december, starting late november. this would be OK if he actually got paid for his work, but no, his agent doesn't pay him till February. He also takes on Accounting work as well, so he is completely exhausted and stuffed all silly season.
2. My mother died Christmas Day - 2003
3. My father died Christmas Week - 1968
4. My husband ran off with my best friend Chrismas 1991.

I HATE Christmas, especially as both my adult children always go to Dad's interstate for Christmas to see him and all their step sisters for their brady bunch lovefest.

I am also a nurse and usually end up working Christmas Day. YUCK!!!

Sorry to be such a pathetic whinger, but I am finding that all December I can't sleep, am bombarded with flashbacks of my marriage splitting up, how i could have been a better wife, mother, employee over the years. I am anxious and just not my usual resilient happy self.

Am I alone in this ? Do other people resent all the media hype and pressure to be happy happy happy at Christmas time and have that warm fuzzy feeling looking forward to family reunions blah blah blah, well my family unit does not exist.
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Dec 15, 2012