Bah! Humbug! Christmas Sucks!

Christmas is crap for single adults - especially over 30s! Okay, sometimes crap for marrieds, too...I suppose. But the "holly jolly Christmas crap" makes me SPEW! "All I want for Christmas is you" I HATE THAT SONG!!! Spawned by that dippy film!!! What about the newly widowed father...widowed in October or something? Found "true love no. 2" in time for Christmas...TWO MONTHS LATER!!! So NOT love...actually. How could ANYONE be in love and move on to loving someone else two months later just to give a soppy film a convenient happy ending?!

The pressure to be seen to be having a good time is awful! Went to panto the other day. Was good, but noticed (been going with friends for 20 odd years) that over the past few years, it's got more innapproriate for kids, who are meant to be the majority audience really. Which is why they don't do half price. Innappropriate bits. Gay jokes (last year). And this year the "Wicked Queen" was...a man. As well as VERY skimpily dressed barely over 16 girls (too titillate the dads? WRONG! 1) Why are these men wanting to look at girls in their late teens anyway? 2) Shouldn't a good dad feel happy just seeing his little treasures enjoying themselves? and 3) Can't they just buy Nuts or something? Or go to a ***** club? Was a bit shocked to see Bananarama take-off (Love In The First Degree type dance scene) where "Queen" ******** down to seeing a small bit of a drag act (always wonder how you can never tell the drag queen IS a man when they are only in skimpy women's underwear). And dancers were gyrating round like they were in one of those near-***** dance videos. Couldn't help wondering; doesn't anyone else see what's wrong with all the little kids seeing this ****? Was there with my mother and a couple of her friends, who would probably find some of the stuff I read and watch offensive (I know my mum does!) But they were enjoying the show; no moments when they seemed to think...hang on, that scene's innappropriate. Said a few scenes weren't suitable for the kids; like the MTV-type dance scenes that's have parents of young children turning tv off in horror, but my mother's friend thought "Children don't notice these things", it goes over their heads. Maybe, but I'm not so sure it all does. Children all seem to know about gay people by the time they're about 8 these days - probably down to soaps. Parents letting them watch them that is! And if children are so oblivious, why do dvds and films have age ratings? Just for the record, I'm not a prude - I just think there are things children shouldn't see. If anyone with children asked if panto was good, I'd say yes, go and have a good time, but leave the children with their grandparents when you go. Anyone else agree? Think there's ANY chance of pantos cleaning up their act, getting it back to being REAL family viewing.
Scrooge2 Scrooge2
Dec 16, 2012