I have to admit some years ago. I loved Christmas due to someone that made it special for me. This person always showered myself and my daughter with love. After a painful break up. Christmas has never been the same. This last year. I spent it alone. My daughter didn't feel like celebrating. So alone on Christmas and Thanksgiving too. I'm not complaining but I wish I had the feeling back. There is a lot of things lacking in my life. But I want to believe in something. And when I was in that relationship it was Christmas.
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Ik that pain

I just went through a broke up after 8 yrs relationship, I feel your pain, I am trying to remind myself -time heals all wound. Hope u find someone cherish u and your daughter when time is right. :)

I've been there, 2 divorces. In time it will get better, in the meantime I suggest you try something that helped me cope with son and I just went away for a 2 to 4 day holiday, even if it was just a 130 miles away up in Phoenix it really made it ok for us.

2013 will be your year to discover your soul mate. I hope you'll invite me to your wedding. Thinking of you daily and wishing you well!