Worst Holiday Ever

I supposed its bcause its so commercialized now. It can't just be about getting togther with family anymore. It has to be about who gets what and how much we can spend. Its now about maxing out my credit cards and spending the rest of the year paying them off. Its not about appreciating whatever little thing you got but acting snotty when you dont get exactly what you wanted. Its not about family time but its about money time. I am not a spiritual person and I don't claim to know anything about the bible or god. But I think Gods pissed about how christmas is represented. Hell you can lump all churches and religions in there too. Sorry for being so negative. Thanks for reading.

parradox parradox
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I appreciate your insight, and thanks for the link.

Christmas never was of God. That's why you are so unhappy about it dude. Christmas originated with man (the Catholic church to be exact). People are stressed out so much because they are trying to propagate one man's vision of what we should do to celebrate something that God doesn't even ask us to celebrate. Christmas was created to offset and hopefully replace Saturnalia-a pagan holiday celebrated on the same day of year. But, as with many other things in the Catholic church, this "band-aid". while it's originally intention may have been inspired by the desire to "do the right thing". ended up being nothing more than the glorifying of the created saint (Nicholas) rather than God. Anything that is truly ordained by God will leave you blessed and peaceful-not frustrated and "pissed". Anytime the focus shifts from God to man, there will be strife.<br />
I have much more I can say about this matter but suffice to say you are not alone in your discouragement and disappointment.<br />
Here is a link to information about the true origin and meaning of Christmas. I hope it serves to help you understand why this time of year is so full of strife. <br />