The Christmas I'll Always Remember..

last christmas was's the one i'll always remember because since that day i did not want to be apart of my family.

it started out with my mom at work and it's just me and my dad sitting at home. I was in my room when my neighbor came and gave us a christmas tree. My family was never big on christmas because my dad is buddist, but anyways my dad and i went to walmart and bought some decorations home for the tree. My dad and i talked about how suprised my mom would be when she comes home. after finishing the decorations on the tree, my dad started talking to his friend in Taiwan on the webcam.

my mom comes home, sees the tree and seemed to be happy and asked who gave it to us, i answered her questions and yeah, i thought the day would end well, but then she asked me had i eaten dinner...

I said no, and she starts scolding my dad for not cooking dinner..then my dad got mad at her and started yelling about how he had asked me and i said i wasn't hungry..then the fight just went on forever.. while the webcam is on.. and my mom quietly said,"why are you yelling at me while you're friend can hear?" my dad said he doesn't care because she made him looked bad too.. so yeah the fight went on the entire night, while the webcam is just on and they can hear the fighting.

The whole time i felt so embarassed... after things cooled down, my mom went to bed and i went to bed and my dad continued his conversation with his friend. I thought things would just get better the next day..

I wake up, everthing seemed ok, but i was still mad about last night and decided i didn't want to go to the family dinner at my aunt's house. when my dad asked me why I'm not dressed already, i told him i'm not going.... and the fighting starts dad getting mad that i'm not going, and my mom saying that if i don't go then she's not going.. then my mom starts screaming about she can't change herself and my dad screaming why do you always use that as an excuse..and i came out of my room to tell them to stop and told them that they should just apologize..

they completely ignored me and continued fighting.. i started crying and told them to stop and that they never consider how i feel when they fight and how they always ruin every single holiday. my mom starts crying and yelling about how she didn't know scolding my dad about not cooking dinner would cause such this whole fight.. and my dad just looking angry and starts getting ready to go to my aunts house for the family dinner. before he left he told us to call my aunt and apologize for not coming..

in the end, i went with my mom later, hoping that i could guilt my dad and mom into making up. at my aunts house they were civil with each other.. pretending the fight never happened... but then the ride home, they had another argument..though my mom held back a lot of stuff.. the whole time in the car.. i focused on not crying.. but i cried my heart out in the shower that night.

i don't understand how something so small could cause such a large fight.. my parents are soooo stupid!! i honestly don't believe they love each other that much.. my mom always says she married him only because it was the right time to get married.. and she always tells me never marry a guy like you're dad.. and that sometimes she wished she never got married.  then my dad is always on the phone with some other friend who is a married women.. they are always chatting happily..while my mom tells me things like "he only treats other people nice and never treats me like his wife"

then the other day, they were fighting about something dumb again and ended sleeping separately for three days.. my mom starts telling me how her boss and her husband was fighting and how her son went to tell his dad to say sorry to mom and stuff... then my mom gave me the most horrible look and yelled at me saying how i never defended her. I was sooo mad, i told her i do defend her... and i got up and ran to my room crying.. 

i honestly wish i had a different family..

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

That happened to me, and that made me turn off of getting married, now i feel shitass