i hate christmas everyone so fake christmas spirit cookie making  buying gift for everyone and there 's bills still that need to be paid. as of right now i have no gifts brought and and not a single decoration up was going to start at amazon than i seen the final price for everything and exited out last minute  shopping really bites i hate it right now i'm waiting on my brother to get off of work so we can go 50 miles and  go put up a cheap tree that i found on craiglist than i have drag all the christmas decor out of the gargage do u see where i'm going with this don't want to but i have to   my friend and her perfect x-mas cookies arrg  ba hum bug

viney viney
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1 Response Dec 11, 2009

I hate Christmas too!! and its coming, how ****** can that be =[<br />
Good luck with it! <br />