Light, inhale, cough, puff, die a slow, painful death.
What's the point of smoking? If I'm going to damage my lungs and basically everything else in my body, shouldn't there be some kind of benefit? I see more point in smoking crack than cigarettes. Sure, I don't like the outcome, but at least it DOES something to you, instead of ONLY acting as a slow poison. Why in the hell would someone ever decide, "You know, this cancer stick is attractive. It won't get me high, fill a need, or do anything for me... So I'll just light it and suck on it." It turns your lungs black, makes your teeth rot, makes your skin and hair dull, causes heart disease... Plus it's a mighty expensive habit. My mom spends hundreds of dollars each month (that we don't have right now to be wasting) on something that's doing nothing but poisoning her body. It's sad, pathetic, and disgusts me. And it doesn't only harm those of you who are smokers. It harms everyone around you. Secondhand smoke is JUST AS DANGEROUS as firsthand. I took a vow years ago to never ever smoke cigarettes. Who's with me? :)
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I was saved from many panic attacks and attempted suicides, but I'm really glad your understand people with problems you don't have.

I did but somehow I ended up smoking them one night while I was drinking...I wish I never did that's for sure tho!! Cuz you're absolutely right they are worthless, yet somehow they make you pay 6 bucks for a packof them...well then again they add all sorts of chemicals to keep you hooked..<br />
<br />
Thankfully I've bee able to basically stop and at least have the will power again to say yes or no, and while I understand we're all going to kick the bucket eventually I'm not trying to get there sooner tho lol