#ihateclassic So Much, I Can't Stop Listening To His New Mixtape!!!

I've already written a story about Classic in the group "I Want You to Check Out Classic And Ppt."  Somebody (I forgot who it was) left a comment that was really true...he's become like my hero.  I really look up to him subconsciously.  So subconsciously that it took that guy commenting on my story for me to realize it, but it's quite obvious to me now.  Even though he's one of my favorite rappers, I don't think he's the best or most talented rapper by any means.  He's my favorite because 1) I graduated from high school with him and 2) I look up to him.

Anyway, he just released a brand new mixtape two days ago.  When I first listened to it, I wasn't too impressed.  I think that's because I was expecting it to be as good or better than his Blue Shift mixtape, Swagger Planet.  But I've listened to it almost three times now, and the more I listen, the more I like it!  He's got lots of old material on there that he's released as singles over the past several months, plus quite a few brand new songs too.

One thing I'm REALLY excited about is how just a week or two ago, he announced on Twitter that he's just been signed by a label!  He refuses to give any details yet, claiming that it will all be revealed "in due time."  I can't freaking wait to know who he's signed with and if they're anybody good who could get him some fame and celebrity status!!!

For some reason, when I was listening to the mixtape tonight on the way home, I just got really excited.  Part of this might be because of the Starbucks Doubleshot (pure caffeine) I drank right before that, but I just got really excited after listening to a few of his songs!  Something about him just really excites me.  Maybe it's his lyrics.  He's quite cocky, which is usually something I can't stand in people, but it's almost like he totally has the right to be cocky.  One of his songs is basically about all his haters and how they're all jealous because he's got what everybody else wants but can't get.  It sounds arrogant, and it is, but he's still right!  Wanna know how I know that?  BECAUSE IT'S EVEN TRUE FOR ME!  He's got everything I want!  He's in college studying music production, he has a crapload of college friends that he parties with all the time, he knows other super talented rappers (much more talented than him actually) at that school who are featured on lots of his songs, and he's chasing his dream of being a musical superstar!  And you know what else?  He's having the time of his life doing it!!!  I wish I had his kind of ambition.  He is truly everything I've ever wanted to be (other than the fact that he uses terrible language and he's a bit promiscuous).

And the idea that these songs may someday be on the radio all over the country just excites me even more!!!

Now you may be wondering, "Why did you name this group 'I Hate Classic?'  It sounds like you love him to me."  Well, that's the name of the mixtape.  #iHateClassic.  He called it this because, quote-on-quote, "Haters are motivators!"  It's actually quite a cool concept!  Most people who make it to fame are quite hated at the beginning...and the fact that he does have lots of haters is a good sign that he may be getting somewhere in the future!

Anyway, I don't want to spam or advertise here, but I have to share the link to download the    here!  I just can't keep such an awesome thing from y'all...I gotta share the joy!  If you don't want to download it, that's fine, but I HIGHLY recommend it.  Even if you don't like rap, I'd still recommend that you at least try it.  It's free, and if you don't like it, you can just delete it!  Sometimes I actually do wonder how he makes money when all his mixtapes are free.  I guess he just makes it from his concerts...he does lots of live performances near his school.  I just wish he would come up to Nashville more often!  I've only seen him perform once.  Hopefully he'll come back and perform his new songs here soon!  Anyway, here's the link to download #iHateClassic!



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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Okay...you won't regret it!

Yeah, me too! Did you download the mixtape?

I actually prefer the first songs over the last ones. "Starcrossed" is pretty good though. I'm more into the chill music than the dancy music though.

Well, you have to listen to the whole thing to figure out what your favorite song is! Once you're done, tell me which song you like best.