Shamed Into Cleaning

I have hated cleaning my entire life.  I am in my late 20's now and I'm not much better at cleaning or organizing than I was as a kid.  As a child living at home, and as a teen and young adult, my room was always a disaster.  My parents would see it and flip out on me and I'd get in trouble, so I'd clean it, but withing a couple of days it would be a wreck again.

I am now married and a mother.  I find it even more impossible to keep the house clean.  I also have several pets who don't make things any easier on me.  My husband is an even worse slob than I am.

The truth is, it's not that I don't know how to clean, it's just that there are so many other things I would rather be doing.  Surfing the web, watching TV, taking a nap...pretty much ANYTHING but clean.  I just get so discouraged when I spend hours cleaning just for the house to be a mess the next day.  I am the only one who cleans, and I'm just sick of it.  Sometimes I wish I could just move to a tiny apartment somewhere just me and my kid.  I know the place would be neat and tidy, no husband or pets to mess it up.

I hate having unexpected guests.  My mother in law invites herself over CONSTANTLY and I can't stand it.  I get so embarrassed.   She knows her son is a filthy pig, yet when she sees a mess in our house she gives me this look and sometimes makes comments like it's all me.

I love a clean home, and I can't stand clutter, but I'm just exhausted most of the time.  I'm waiting for the day that they invent self-cleaning homes. :)

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Have a joint and put some music on, and you'll be done before you know it......:)

Well, I don't like cleaning, too, though, as a rather obsessive-compulsive and fastidious person I am drawn to do it almost against my will. Once a week, or the sky will fall on my head. My husband doesn't want a cleaner in (ugh, a stranger in the house going through his things!) and promises to help, but does it only occasionally, when I specifically ask for it. I don't want to have to ask, can we not just agree that, say, the cellar is his territory to clean? Then I have a teenage daughter which is as all teenies are - exploding and diffusing all over the place. And the worst is, of course, that cleaning is entropic work, without lasting effect, to be repeated and repeated and repeated until the day you die, with never any recognition for it.

I have learned over the years to use cleaning as a time off. I take my MP3 player - a lovely Philips model that blocks out surrounding noise - put in an audio book and then I have at it (the cleaning, I mean). I listen either to stupid, but entertaining stuff (think Edgar Rice Burroughs downloaded for free at Librivox) or I even educate myself in languages, business or something. It is almost (almost!) enjoyable.

And I ignore the whining around me. "Mama, my computer is stuck, could you come and look at it?" "Wife, where is my table tennis shirt?" "Mama, I need the nails on my right hand polished, I want to leave soon!" "Wife, I need a serial letter for my [whatever], could you just ...?" My answer is: "No time, I'm cleaning the house!"

What I don't understand - when I'm away for a few days and come back, the house is still standing, nobody has starved, my daughter has all her 20 nails polished and my husband still holds his honorary position at his [whatever]. So it must be my presence switching their brains off *gg*

What about getting in a cleaner twice a week, or getting your hubby to help you? Suppose the last one is out of the question:)

lol. that last part made me laugh. I can relate to everything you said. I too had a mother in law like that.