Two Tornadoes

Any bedroom that belongs to me is doomed to look like it's been hit by a tornado a couple weeks after being cleaned (my room at home looks empty and is clean since I'm in a dorm now). The same goes for backpacks, drawers, and closets. However, I always clean up after myself in the other rooms at my house and took up a lot of the chores (you'd think the house would be cleaner with only two people, but Mom's not used to not having a daughter around to pick up the slack and Dad doesn't clean).

Within days my first roommate had turned my first dorm into a disaster area (I had very little space to myself and her mess spilled over to what little space I had) before her best friend and I switched. For days I had my space in my new room looking perfect with a nice little sitting area in front of the window and my camping chair in the corner when not in use. Then, Labor Day weekend and Dad came and I had three days in a row of rotten luck after the long weekend. Now, as one of my friends keeps reminding me, the room is a disaster. Like me, my roommate is very messy and leaves books lying all over the place (we've got a lot in common). We both hate cleaning, but I'm going to try and find time to clean during my breaks this week. I'm tired of having to be a ninja to avoid falling even though I'm used to it (glad I'm not a clutz anymore).
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1 Response Sep 11, 2011

I can relate to this.