I Choose Chinese Torture For 500 Alex

I have always hated cleaning, my room was always a mess. Not quite sure how that could happen, when it was tiny. But yes I could make a huge mess. My idea of cleaning was putting all in the mess in my closet or under my bed. I was always told to clean my room and to make my bed.

My next door neighbor, who was like an older sister and her mother use to pay me to clean their house. This I could do. Well I use to do it for free, because I was always over there and eventually she just started paying me. At first, it was just cool to hang out with an older teenager/college student. She looked so much like Joni, from Happy Days, was an avid Dancer, Gymnast and Athlete. Her and her brother, even up til I graduated from High School were one of the few Five Sport Lettered Athlete's at our School. She was beautiful and took me everywhere.

Well I would clean her room, find dirty pictures of her and her boyfriend. His name was Billy, and I remember I think it was their Junior year they broke up, and the song "Billy don't you lose my number" by Phil Collins came out. We use to sing that song in the car. I had my first screw driver at her house, because I was cleaning up after a party she threw while her parents were out of town.

I also found my dislike for Grits. Her mother would make grits in the morning and leave the pan on the stove all day. Well I would come home from school in the afternoons, and come over and clean. Well that pan, would make me ill to my stomach. And up until about a year ago, I could not watch anyone eat grits. I use to put menus up around me, when my husband I first got married. Because he would order grits at The Huddle House, when we traveled. Eventually, I could tolerate seeing them because my kids loved them too. Only after finding a wonderful Shrimp and Grits recipe did I get over my Grit phobia.

But my hatred for cleaning use to drive my parents crazy, I wouldn't clean my room during the day. No I would wait until late at night to do it. And even today, my husband hates that I prefer to clean in the evenings. That came about, because I use to work full-time and that was the only time to clean besides the weekends, and we were always gone on Saturday and Sunday. I finally figured out, I was just born in the wrong time zone. Hawaii is six hours behind EST and that fits perfectly for when I like to clean.

So I have decided to move to Hawaii to cure my cleaning woes.
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Come live on the west coast to help the time problem. You'd be welcome to come clean my house. I'd love to see and hear you sing opera. Of course, I'd be willing to clean your house in return....