that's Why I Don't....

that's why i don't.

have a live in housecleaner (who is really my dh's aunt) and a helper who comes in once a week.

I TOTALLY hate cleaning.

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5 Responses Apr 24, 2007

ROFLMAO! I LOVE how you two keep the conversation going, and yet effectively slip a comment in to me and C... and ya'll never miss a beat! Such talent! And hey, I'd Love a trip away! (better bring my chastity belt though!)

i like the smoke from jamaica but greece sounds nice too. <br />
Emerald & Celainn too!!

ok - wanna split the frequent flyer miles too? we could meet up in jamaica for a break from all the "cleaning"

Quite the naughty pair, you two!;P

OMG that would be a dream come true!!!!!<br />
<br />
if you find one - SHARE!!!!!