Cleaning As Punishment

Growing up the amount of cleaning we had to do depended on the moods of my mom. If she was in a good mood, we just had normal cleaning. If she was fighting with my dad or on some sort of rampage the cleaning was insane. There was screaming and yelling, hitting and slapping. I remember her dumping all of the toys out my closet and her asking me I wanted to be a pig like my grandmother (my dad's mom). Nothing was ever done to her satisfaction and chores would have to be done again and again until we got it right.

My dad's mom had a messy house but I felt at home there. No one yelled at me, no one hit me, it was a safe little haven and I lived for summers when we could spend weeks on end there. My mom's mom was a neat freak, she didn't like kids and everything was covered in plastic. Our visits there were torture from the furniture that would stick to your legs to the plastic floor mats that would flip over and puncture your bare feet. Thankfully we never had to spend our summers there for more than a day at a time.

Fast forward now to me as an adult, I literally put off cleaning until I don't have any other choice. I like having a clean house I just hate the actual part that requires for me to do it. It still feels like a punishment. As I sit here typing I have breakfast dishes that need to be washed, a bathroom that could use a good scrubbing, my bed isn't made, and my floor needs to be picked up. The living room needs to be vacuumed and could use a good dusting. My weekend starts in 7 hours, if I could just get off of this computer I am pretty sure that I can get most of it done. Wish me luck! :)
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Shut down. You don't need luck, you need determination.


Yes I feel the exact same way! I don't like the process of doing it! As for my parents, they're fine.

You sound just like me, minus the cleaning as punishment thing. We hardly ever did chores growing up but I HATE to clean. It just gets messy again in a few hours anyways it seems. I wish there was a way to have a clean house without doing the cleaning part, and not paying a bunch of $$ to have someone else do it.

Ah leave it, you know you want to, and enjoy your weekend, life's too short for cleaning :) I was a bit of a neat and clean freak when I was younger but hopefully I'm over it now.

My mom would make me clean as a punishment too. But for some reason I enjoyed cleaning so she stopped doing it. I did noticed that I clean like she wanted. Until a few months back I would clean every time I would feel sad or man or whatever mood I was in. But funny thing, one time I read a quote that said something like a person that spends her time cleaning doesn't have a life. So, I stopped being obsessive about cleaning. I try to keep the house clean and clean after myself. Now when I clean I make sure that I also make sure that cleaning is not taking me away from my normal life. I used to spend 4 hours cleaning on a Saturday. I would use clorox but I realized that life is too short and like anything in life too much in never a good thing. Having a balanced life is what it counts.