My Messy Family

I hate cleaning. i have three children under three, a husband, five dogs and a cat i love them all so very much but i hate cleaning up after them. i hate cleaning so much, i have put everything we don't need for day to day living into storage. including excess clothing, towels, sheets, i've also put lots of toys, anything extra we don't need. It has gotten so bad that i've almost gone completely RAW because i hate dishes so much. i hate scrubbing the stove, so i wont use it. i hate cleaning microwaves so i got rid of it. i hate crumbs, so goodbye toaster. i can't stand vaccuming pet hair, so pets must live outside. i hate litterboxes so my cat has learned to use the outdoors. well that's my story and i know i sound nuts but my life seems so much easier now that i don't have mountains of laundry and dishes. my husband thinks i'm just being lazy, i just call myself a minimalist. *wink*

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

funnily enough, i know exactly what you mean, i can relate to that!<br />
<br />
just the other day, i lost my gascard and i didn't have hot water for a few days so i stayed at a friends for the weekend.<br />
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i got back to find moldy dishes and unidentifyable living ob<x>jects on some of my plates and pans - so i just threw them away and seriously considered hiring a cleaner!