The Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo, cuckoo day and night
Cuckoo, in and out of sight.
Tells the world when to eat
When to rise and when to sleep.
What a busy little bird.
Bossing us all with just one word.
Remove his weights, take them away
And get one perfect peaceful day.
Serenitree Serenitree
70+, F
3 Responses May 8, 2012

Love this - I want to get one of these one day.

For your new home. Just one word of caution; when looking for a place to hang it, make sure it isn't in a place where there is a direct draft. Ours kept stopping, because when the door opened it caused a draft which made the pendulum stop.

I can see where one would be a little annoying if you were trying to get some rest!! We have one that chimes in our livingroom but it's very soft and pretty sounding....

I was a child. I'm not sure, but it seems to me it wasn't annoying, but something more like scary. My fever dreams were frequently very frightening, and I think the cuckoo, figured pretty prominently in them.

Awww, I can TOTALLY see a feverish lil one being all scared of the bird popping out of the clock and screeching!! I probably would have been too!!

This is ADORABLE!! You are so darn talented with coming up with these!!

Thanks, this was fun to write. We used to have a cuckoo clock, and I remember asking my mom to remove the weights, whenever I was ill.....especially if I had fever.