I Am Scared Of Cockroaches.

I have a terrible fear of cockroaches. Where I live, they grow.. god i can't even bring myself to describe one. I can't even start thinking about them because I take a while to forget what they look like. I hate it so much when I would wake up at night when one would crawl over me, it gives me a very bad panic attack. And I just need to get out a room where they fly around. I can't kill them, I'm too scared to look.
Last night one crawled over me and it made me jump from my bed. And it wouldn't leave, I just couldn't make it leave! It kept crawling around under my blanket and pillow, it almost made me sick. I just wanted it to go away! I couldn't kill it and I couldn't get anybody to kill it. Everyone was asleep. I didn't want to look at it. When it finally left I was still very rattled out. I didn't want to sleep in my bed knowing that the sheets have been crawled on. But I didn't have a choice. I didn't want to bother anybody.
So I went downstairs, peed like mad and washed the parts where it crawled. I tried reading and finally 2 hours later I slept again.
Every time I would close my eyes, I could see giant upright cockroaches. Giant ones, like bigger than a car. All upright and coming towards me. What a terrible way to die.
Tabitha85 Tabitha85
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

One of my greatest fears is having a roach crawl across me while I'm sleeping >_< Or coming into contact with my skin D: I know it's an irrational fear because it can't really hurt me, but it's so disgusting it turns my stomach :( I feel with you.