Don't Like Coffee

Drinking coffee is so much more than just a drink, it is a cultural thing. Whereever you go they ask, do you want a coffee? Or going out on a date "Let's go out for coffee something?", and in the work place EVERYONE drinks coffee. My first day I was told to help myself and go make a coffee. Sometimes I feel stupid saying "I hate coffee".

It doesn't help when they say, "oh tea then?"...well sorry but I hate tea also. Haha, I'm an odd one.

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I use to find it rather strange when people came over during the day who weren't 'cuppa' people. But non-cuppa people seem to be everywhere nowadays....their breeding!!! It's my problem not theirs. THey are very comfortable with not having to have a cuppa to have a chat. Obvious never saw the Nescafe Blend 43 ads!

lol. I used to be a water drinker. Then WG got me onto coffee. A few years ago she gave me an espresso machine and I was mainlining it for a while. Then quit a year ago and am now caffeine free (except chocolate). <br />
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I think I'd still love to drink it but I know if I started I couldn't stop.<br />
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So I drink Caro and peppermint tea, just to keep the ritual going. When I stopped, I really missed the ritual of making hot drinks. Strange how rituals insinuate themselves into your life. But 20 years ago I would have been the anti-coffee, anti-tea person. It was easier then though - not the coffee culture there is now.

Oh ofcourse, the coffee shop! :) That's good for you though.

its only when i go out,one, manybe two a day

How many do you have a day FB?

i like coffee but dont need it in the morning,food yes

Oh I couldn't a gree more, these people act as if their bodies would break down and not be able to function if it wasn't for coffee, I mean seriously I'm happy to not be that bad.

Yeah, and what always bugs me are those people who say to you in the morning "Don't talk to me...I haven't had my coffee yet". While I don't doubt that coffee would perk me up a little more in the morning, I just don't want to become one of those people that become dependent on it and HAVE to have it every morning.