My Issues With Cold Weather

It hasn't been an issue to dislike the cold until the last 10 yrs or so. I have been living in Connecticut most of my life with a year or so in Ohio and a number of years in Mass during a good part of my schooling. The last 10 years it has been an issue because I had been showing signs of diabetes without being diagnosed with that disease. ( ppl with diabetes are more sensitive to the cold because of poor circulation and that certainly applies to me) also my family has reconnected to distant family who live in the South. The last 10 or so years we have gone down there to visit them in SC and the weather is so much better throughout the year with the exception of the Summer months. I dislike the cold when its so cold you can't do much if anything outside. The cold is really depressing as well. Its bad with just the cold but on days when it is windy as well, that just makes the cold much worse because often times the wind cuts through the many layers of clothes you are wearing. Along with the cold there is the difficulty of driving on snow covered roads. It can be rather anxiety filling to be going slowly and still sliding some as you approach a stop sign at the end of the street. The bitter cold of cold snaps during winter where its so cold the snow squeeks as you walk on it. On those days where the snow squeeks you think Spring and Summer are so far off you don't think its possible for temps to reach 65 degrees let alone 90 or so.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

The cold weather is rather miserable indeed. It's fun when it snows the first few times, but by the time I can't even leave my driveway, I'm ready to fly south.