I Woke Up This Morning With Two.

I hate getting Cold-sores, If I get stressed out, tired or, or ill or even  drink a glass or two of wine. They appear. Now I look horrible and I hate having to go to work looking like this. Good thing we got so much snow last night. I don't have to worry about work.lol x

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Thats kind of a cool way to do it. I did it another way. I would get them at least twice a year in the spring and fall and if I was more stressed, It'd be more often. Someone recommended something called Toe Juice. It sounded nasty but I was desperate. I used abreva but it took like three weeks and was pricey. I got a little bottle of the juice and sure enough, after a week it was gone. I thought that was cool but even better than that I didnt get one the following spring. Just an idea for ya.

This comment is for everyone who gets cold sores, I HATED going through high school with them, I tried everything and came up with tons of excuses. My brother in law told me a trick that worked for him and I've been doing it ever since. Go to a health food store and buy a herbal tea called Pau d'Arco, it's a loose tea and I am not kidding you, after two days( OR LESS if caught soon) your cold sore will dry up and stop in its tracks. PLEASE BELIEVE ME! The tea is so incredibly cheap and nothing, even presc<x>ription pills ($40) or Abreva ($20?) can touch what this tea does.

I don't want to sound stupid but do you drink the tea or apply it as a compress on the actual cold sore? Thanks!

So true and I will use that next time I get one.x

ive got a massive one on my bottom lip, ive been using the excuse "i slipped getting out of the bath tub and hit my lip on the sink" they ruin my life!

I know, I hate it when I get them.x

So lucky you can throw a scarf on your mouth. Woke up in ******* florida this morning with a monster.

So lucky you can throw a scarf on your mouth. Woke up in ******* florida this morning with a monster.