I Get Them to Often and They Are to Big- and Nothing Works

I get cold sores all the time, at least 12 a year- I try everything to keep from getting them and live my life around trying to prevent them. When I get them they are huge and hardly ever on my lip, they are usually on my face. Right now I have one that is probably the size of a nickel under my nose- it big and ugly and it hurts and called out of work.  I try everything for them and nothing works, most just act like a fertilizer for them and they get bigger when I apply any kind of ointment- I have tried home treatments that people swear by and those are a joke. I lose about 2 weeks of my life every time I get one because I am so embarrased by them, I don't go out, I become a hermit. To make things worse I have a toddler, and am so paranoid about giving him the virus, I don't obviously kiss him, but I also don't hug or cuddle with him when I have one and keep as much distance from him as I can because I'm so scared if he is by my face he will accidently touch it by a wailing arm, or a head bump, or something like that.  Why don't they come up with a vaccine so others don't have to suffer with this horrible virus- anytime I read about them, they act like they are no big deal, "they only last a week and heal by themselves, and blah blah blah- They are painful, unpredicatable, ugly, contagious, and what they do to your self esteem is the worst of it all. I feel like an ugly diseased person.

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Hey guys thank you so much for sharing your stories... last year they got worse for me-I finally went to go see a Dr about them, how often I get them, and my anxiety about them... The Dr prescribed me a medicine called Vatrex- the same thing you see on commercials for genital herpes also helps with cold sores.. it speeds the healing time - if you are lucky enough to catch it before it erupts and take the 2 pills every 12 hrs for 24 hours you will never get the cold sore.. if you are already in the blister stage, the blisters will disappear after about 1 day.. if however the blisters have already popped and started to crust the healing time takes longer but not nearly as long as it does on it's own.. it takes about 5-7 days.. still better than the 14 days it use to take

I know exactly how you guys feel - it's like, I am an adult. A fully functional adult who is social, outgoing, loves to regularly exercise, great friends, good career, and has a steady boyfriend of six years (who, by the way, never gets them - thank GOODNESS.) <br />
<br />
Life is great, right? .....<br />
<br />
Then, when I occasionally get a cold sore or fever blister, it's like my whole world is spoiled and turned upside down! <br />
<br />
I wash my hands incessantly and even wear plastic gloves around the house so I don't "cross-contaminate" anything (even if I haven't touched my face I still feel somehow like I will get "herpe cooties" on something, touch my eye, touch something else, man, I have become quite the germaphobe!)<br />
<br />
I disinfect all of our countertops and door handles, phones and computers, bags - literally everything I've touched for the pre-cold sore periods.<br />
<br />
I turn into a hermit, too! Like if I go out, I will be scourned with stones or something, or treated like I am wearing a neon sign that flashes "I have a COLD SORE!" -<br />
<br />
I literally have been sitting in exercise clothes for the past, say, four hours, trying to determine whether or not I can pull myself together and go to the gym - not just because I want to be physically active for my own good and health and well-being and am just too humiliated and embarrassed to have others (gym members that will be grossed out, gym employees that always see me smiling, etc.) see me, see THIS THING glaring at them. Because I'm worried that these people will not only get grossed out and judge me and think I'm a dirtball or some sort of diseased **** (am not, by the way - same partner for six years and counting). I'm worried these people will see me, and then get grossed out like I'm some sort of a lepur contaminating their machines! And worst of all, given I've become such a crazy nut job and am so worried about spreading this to anyone or anything else, I'm actually concerned as to whether or not it's even ETHICAL for me to go to this gym and use machines that others will also be using - of course I would wipe down the machines, not like I'm not a considerate civilian! But still...<br />
<br />
And another thing, I'm thinking - would it just irritate my cold sore to be getting over-heated and sweating bullets from a hard workout anyway? This is crap. 28 years old and should be totally sure of myself, and I get one (not so little) fever blister and all of a sudden I'm an insecure little girl, reverting back to my junior high days!<br />
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It's so funny, while I get these only once every, say, three years, I am so worried about getting one that every little itch or tingle I feel I'm paranoid is the beginning of a cold sore outbreak! Both my boyfriend and my family think I am NUTS, which I probably am, given at the first sign of any feeling like this I begin to treat with presc<x>ription medications lol! Is there an actual, medically written phobia - or fear - of cold sores? If so, I absolutely have it! "Herpebaphobia" hahaha.<br />
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Honestly, none of us should let these silly, little things get us so down. Who cares that other people are idiots and judge ba<x>sed on looks? Those same people were looking at you thinking you were hot just one day before, when cold sore hadn't yet come to town! As cliche as it sounds, people, remember that, no matter what, you are beautiful, you are worthy and nobody actually thinks you're disgusting - most people probably don't even notice the silly cold sore the way that you yourself do. So put it into perspective. Things could be way WAY worse, trust me. See you all in 10-14 days, ugh.

I want to let you know about a tea, I want everyone who gets cold sores to know about it!!! I am 21 and I HATED getting them in high school so much I tried everything, pills, Abreva, and prescribed lip medications. I found my miracle : pau d'Arco. It is a loose all natural tea, you can buy a large bag of it for under $5 and the tea will last for about 6 days or more. Make a 2 pots of it (in a coffee maker) a day and it will stop the cold sore in its tracks. This works GREAT for me, I honestly start to feel one and drink two pots and IF I get one it only lasts about two days and NEVER gets the chance to fully blister. Please try it out, you can find it at any natural food store. <br />
<br />
pau d'Arco

I have a nasty one on my upper left lip right now!... but i think i have discovered the secret.<br />
as soon as you start to feel the "tingle" <br />
GETTT SOMMME ICCE! apply to the coldsore for atleast a half an hour, then apply zovirax creame every hour, i sware to god, this beast has become half its size since 7 am this morning.

my bf laughed at me when i said ithere should be a support group for cold sores. Ive gotten thn since i was 5 and i actually went a whole yr without any. Now i have 3 and there is nothing to do to stop them. I am missing work and since there is no REAL medical reason for me to stay hom (totally rediculous) I may be losing my job. Thanks for your stories. When will they find a Vacine for this thing!?

I know EXACTLY how you feel. There are no other words to describe how awful it is. I also get them on my face. I am also very scared and have become a bit of a germiphone. People always say, everyone gets them, who cares? <br />
I do. I have suffered with these things for as long as I can remember. I have missed out on so many fun times... <br />
I get SO depressed when I have one and almost want to die!! Seriously, it sucks. <br />
I have a bf who I refuse to let see me because I am so embarrassed. I do not have kids, but I can imagine how you must feel and how I will feel one day... <br />
Thanks for sharing your story... it really made me feel a little better. =)<br />
It would be amazing to find a cure. :(