I Wish I Could Kill Cold Sores!!

I haven't had a cold in like 6 years and I just got one yesterday out of no where so unexpected =( ironicaly I am actually suffering from a cold...With my stuffy nose and sorethroat the cold sore just makes everything worse. There's so many cures for other diseases but they can't find a cure for cold sores come on atleast make better treatments they hurt really bad:(
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2010

They do suck, don't they? Super frustrating and not the best looking either. I like to use vitamin A & C to boost my immune system and that helps keep flare ups at a minimum. Besides that I use applicator products like Polysporin (polysporin.com) or InterceptCS (interceptcoldsore.com). Hope this helps.. take care :)

That's because there is no cure for herpes. :( It sucks but at least they go away. <br />
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I get cold sores too.