They're Poop.

Yesssss they suck.

A while back I was standing in line for half an hour to buy *one* book. (I forgot to buy it along with the rest.) Anyway, thankfully it was only $15. The poor guy in front of me though... He had a smallish stack of medium sized books. It didn't look like it would cost too much. When it was his turn to pay, he opened his wallet and said, "Do you think $1 will be enough?" It wasn't. He had to pay $753. I felt like crying for him. Poor, poor guy. 

My book store is especially evil. They won't post the book list until the first day of classes so I can't buy mine online early. Two semesters ago they did this and I guess they lost a lot of money or something... I got my math book online (new) for $60. At the college store, it would have cost double that for a used one. Egh.

So far, I've spent almost a semester's worth of tuition on books. That shouldn't be right.

kleisse kleisse
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2009