College Sucks

i know i am just a freshman and i have not been here long, but i have the worst time making friends, i never thought about it before but all my friends were kind of forced upon me before this, and apparently i make horrible impressions and no one wants to hang out with me more than once, don't say "oh you haven't tried" i have and i am not looking for the answer of "go join a club or put yourself out there" i have done that, trust me, i have tried everything. school itself sucks too, teachers hate me, and i spend most of my time worrying about things. food is gross and i can't afford to go buy all my food all the time.. ok. thanks for listening 
maydayprincess maydayprincess
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2010

hey there, I think I understand some of what your going through, kinda sucks not being able to make friends, I am kinda down for the same reason but I think you should still try to be positive. We never know, there's hundred of different people in college somewhere in there im sure there is someone willing to hang out with you... After a while trying starts to hurt...but there's not much to do except trying more...

Maybe it's just that college you are attending isn't the right fit for you. I had the same problem at my old college but when I transferred to a different college, I was much happier and was able to fit in more. So maybe you could look into that? Nothing is set in stone, you have to do things that are best for you and no one else.<br />
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Well, good luck.