Bloody College Essay Topic!

Normally, I would consider myself to be an average good writer, but definelty not in this case. I have gone blank. I want to apply to Georgia University, among others but they have four essay topics and I chose one about a musical piece to be my theme song. Music is my soul to be exact and I live for it but I can't chose just one piece! I don't know how I can possibly express all my feeling in one piece or ... Sigh. There is the piece called "eyes on fire" by Blue Foundation and it's the most beautiful peice every made but I can't seem to put it into the essay and relate it tio any experiences except for the ocean or walking through my grandfathers farm but that is just pretty straightforward and boring! Arrgh! What to do?
Hiddenintheleaves Hiddenintheleaves
22-25, F
Oct 13, 2010