Lonely Freshman And No Hope For The Future

So I'm a college freshman (just started my second semester) and I have never been more unhappy in my life.
First of all, my roommate is a freak! She has severe depression and OCD, which results in constant and extreme mood swings and her sleeping 18-22 hours a day. And no I'm not exaggerating on that she goes to classes and literally sleeps the rest of the day. Once she even slept (or lied in bed) for 40 hours straight! It can get a little annoying when I have to leave my room at 2 in the afternoon to do homework because she insist on having the lights out when shes asleep. She also has a problem with personal hygiene - she washes her clothes once every month and a half and takes a shower about once every two week., which creates and unbearable smell in our tiny room. However, because of her depression and mood swings I cannot tell her anything without her reading into it as a personal assault, taking great offense, pitching a fit about it and complaining about it for weeks to come. Moreover, because she does nothing but sleep and go to class, she has no friends, literally zero. Which means that she is in our room constantly. And I know that it is our room so we need to share it, but I think that my asking for a little time alone in our room is not an unreasonable request. She thinks differently, having taken offense to and refused my suggestions.
So besides the roommate issue, I hate the people of college in general. Sure I go to a private school, so I should expect some rich snobby preppy and spoiled kids. But to have the whole student body comprised of the most irritating, closed minded, stuck up, cliquy kids was a surprise. Everyone comes here and within the first week as a set group of friends, and it is impossible to break into one. So, I am alone.
I miss everything about my home. I miss my friends and my parents and just plain normal people who don't judge someone because they don't have a million dollar trust fund. If I could I would want to transfer closer to home, but that would just be humiliating to tell my parents that I failed at living away from home and that I want to come back.
But the worst part about all of this is that it seems like no one feels the same way as I do. Literally NO ONE. Everyone here is having fun and has friends, all my friends from high school have friends and I am alone, which makes me feel like its my fault that I'm such a loser. I just need someone to understand me, someone to relate to me.
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You are not alone. Everything you said including the roommate issue is completely true for me as well. I am currently a freshman and all I can ever seem to think about is how much life sucks. In hindsight I really should have picked a college where I could live at home while going or at least somewhere closer. I have zero friends and there is no sign of that changing as long as I stick around this hell hole. So my plan is to try and last the year without loosing my mind or ending myself and then gtfo. I am not sure if you're still having the same problems or not (as your original post was written over a year ago) or if you'll even see this, but I wish you the very best :)

I literally thought I was reading something coming straight from my own brain!
I totally feel you!
I'm so scared about moving back home for the same reasons. My advice JOIN A SORORITY pronto

I know exactly how you feel! And I feel the exact same way! You are definitely not alone! And you're not a failure because you want to move closer to home. It just means that you're close to your family and friends. If your family is a cool family, then they'll understand. The fact that you're still in college and haven't dropped out is awesome!

Hello vicky3492 and annonymous1234,<br />
Thanks for sharing your stories with me and thanks for listening to my story. It means a lot to me to know that other people are going through the same experience that I am, even if it don't know you personally. Thanks for sharing this experience with me I really appreciate it! <br />
I have hope for all of us that things will turn around soon. <br />

I feel the exact same way....I don't have a roommate issue...but I do feel the same way as far as the friends and the people....All I can do at this point is just hope for things to get better and make the best of it.

I'm in totally the same position- minus the crazy roommate. I am seriously thinking about transferring but I would be humiliated if I did. I feel like I don't have any fun compared to everyone else, I'm not rushing and almost everyone in my school is which automatically makes me an odd one out. I'm going to stick it out this semester and join a lot more clubs and organizations and just be more outgoing. One of my friends here and I made a pact to make more friends asap. <br />
I always hear freshmen year sucks and hoping that is the only reason I hate college right now. I'm sure things will get better for the both of us.