I Hate My College!!!

When I was in high school, I was so excited to go to college and meet new people because the people I went to high school with were so immature.Being a pre-pharmacy major, I applied to 14 colleges and really just wanted to go to the University of Pittsburgh. I loved the campus, the people, the atmosphere, etc...I knew this was the college I wanted to go to. But then the money situation came in, and it was too expensive to go there. Plus, I did not get into their early-assurance pharmacy program because of my SAT grades. I thought I did okay on the SAT, but I'm not a great test taker, so that didn't help me out. Instead, I went to a small college of 3,000 people, but got into their early-assurance program. The first day I knew I hated it here. Not only do you know every single person and know everything about them, you always run into the same people; most of whom I hate!! A lot of people here are ignorant and rude. I can't meet new people because I know everyone here. I have a few friends and sport friends, but I still feel so alone. My college is right in the city of buffalo, so there is no land and seriously no activities. I am a country girl and love to hang outdoors, so this really sucks for me!! I love meeting new people, playing sports, and just enjoying life, but I can't here. I'm only 18 once and hate realizing that I'm wasting me life here at college-the place I should be having fun at. All of my friends say how much they love college, and I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!! My parents don't understand and keep bringing up the money issue. It's not fair. I'd rather be in debt from loans because I had too much fun instead of having no fun at all!! My college shouldn't even be considered a college because I am so depressed here. It is worst than high school. I cry like every night, but I can't help it. I rarely ever cry, so I know that this is bad. I will never get married either because my school has like no guys here..I just want a boyfriend, but how can I when my college has a girl-guy ratio of 30-1?? I don't deserve this and need some people to talk to. I hope we can get a support group going. I used to love life, but now I hate it. Some people who go to state schools and universities are so lucky-they don't even know. This should be the best time of my life, but I feel like it is my worst. I hate telling my parents that I hate it here and when I do, they don't listen to me. My life sucks at college and it's pathetic. It shouldn't be this way for anyone!!
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Thank you lifecrisis15 for your comment. You made me feel better. It's hard to major in pharmacy and go to a college that has fun because pharmacy colleges are limited. Which pharmacy school do you go to? We should request each other on facebook sometime and chat about college. Let me know...

I am in the same situation, I am in a small pharmacy school in PA and it sucks cause I know everyone too. It is definitely not a college experience. Money shouldn't be an issue, you should take out loans if you know you'll be a pharmacist, you can pay it all back in less than two years probably. I don't know what I should to do too cause I hate my college but I am in my program here and for me to transfer to another pharmacy school would involve taking more classes and PCAT :/

I know how you feel. Can you apply to some scholarship programs, even outside of the college's? I hope things get better.

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Isn't there a way you can get a student loan and transfer to a bigger college?