Don't Know What To Do...not Enjoying College.

I am about finishing up my 2nd year of college, and I have become REALLY disconnected with my roommate and my suite mates because 2 of them are in sororities, and another is busy working and participating in sports. I addition, I have been eating in my room all by myself because no one is free for dinner or lunch. My parents are kind of upset & sad that I have not been motivating myself this year to get involved in club, and I honestly cannot figure why I cannot commit myself to clubs. I am honestly confused & a bit sad about all of this, and I am afraid that if I do transfer schools nothing will change. I am a shay person, and I am not someone who goes to parties and I do not drink. Everyone at my school parties and drinks on weekends and I am not comfortable with that so I find myself sitting in my room by myself on Friday and Saturday nights. It can feel so lonely. In addition, the school does not offer my desired major. What should I do? Should I stick it out, being lonely on weekends, for the next 2 years? Or should I look for a change?
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1 Response Mar 15, 2011

try joining a club that is related to the major you like. Also don't feel like you need to go to parties or drink to fit in, who cares about those people that decide to do that, there are many who are like you and stay away from doing things like that too. Try to meet new people in the clubs you join and just try to focus on yourself and graduating. Try to get a major that is closed to what you intend major was, not many people that graduate with their major actually go into a career with that major, they work in something similar to what they studied or choose a different path. Think of college as not just a way of getting a higher paying job after you graduate, it is not all about the degree, use college as a way to learn more about the world and life, and learn for the sake of learning. You will only experience college at that age once, after that everyone will graduate and choose different paths, just try to enjoy college and try to make the best of it. And if in the end you are still not comfortable in that school and really just don't want to be there, you can look for another school that you might be more comfortable with maybe see what your old friends from high school are attending and transfer there if that would be better for you that way you have some people you know or maybe a college that has what you want to study. Hang on there, try your best to better yourself and your situation. :D