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Why College Sucks

wow, where do i begin? i'm a freshman in college this year, and to sum up the experience in one word i'd say "awful," although that's putting it quite mildly. from stories i'd heard about college in the past, it sounded like a really great experience. i'm one of those people who enjoyed high school for the most part, so going on to college seemed like the next natural step.

i got into my first choice school and was pretty excited to get the school year going. not too long after i got here though, i started to see that everything i'd ever heard about college being great was totally WRONG! first of all, it's boring. and i'm not talking a little bit of idleness here and there. i mean painful, mind-numbing, IQ-reducing boredommmm. the time here goes by so slowly. the weekend takes a ridiculously long time to get here. and if you make the mistake of staying on campus for the weekend (at least at my school) be prepared for 48 fun-filled hours of nothing because my college is located in the middle of nowhere so there truly is nothing to do, on campus or off.

secondly, the people in general are ********. they're annoying and cliquey and behave worse than most middle-schoolers. basically, you always have to watch your back because you can't trust anyone around here. i don't feel like i'm a particularly hard person to get along with, but the bottom line is that me and most of these people just have nothing in common. they don't get me and i don't get them, period.

one of THE most horrific parts of it all is living in a dorm. it's a complete culture shock to anyone who's never lived away from home before. prior to college, i was used to having my own room and a decent amount of privacy, plus everything i needed within a comfortable reach. here, i just feel lonely and lost. the rooms are extremely dark and tiny, the bathrooms and showers are disgusting, and there is zero privacy. oh, and let's not forget the outrageous cost of all of this. for all the money, we're paying, you think we'd get better. it's basically like a long, painful camping trip that takes "roughing it" to new heights.

the one good thing i will say for college is that i have liked all my teachers thus far and gotten pretty good grades (although i sometimes don't apply myself as much as i could). my teachers have all been interesting people who are awesome at what they do and clearly care about their students. if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't have one positive thing to say about this place!

basically, college just isn't for me. it's a stressful, expensive, and just all feels pretty pointless. a big adjustment for most everyone who goes, and some people get used to it while others don't. i feel like i miss out on so, so much while i'm here. :( i'm really, really unhappy every day that i spend here, and it's just not good. :( however, i do not regret that i came. it's something i really wanted a year ago at this time, and now at least i know for sure that college sucks. if i hadn't taken the chance, then i wouldn't know. i'd recommend giving it a shot if you're curious. just because college hasn't worked out for me, it can't hurt to find out for yourself.

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I loved college. I liked the fact that I was on my own and could stay up as late as I wanted. I could even sleep in and skip class - and suffer the consequences if I fell behind. I made way more friends than I did in high school. I did pretty well in my classes, but slacked off towards the end and didn't finish as well as I should have done, although I did graduate with an A average. I think it made a big difference that I found people with the same interests as me: computers and fantasy role playing. I can see how someone who didn't find any friends and missed high school and their family would hate college.

Just do what makes you happy. College is NOT for everyone. Don't let the older generation make you feel worthless either, they've been brainwashed that college is the end-all, I bet you're a wonderful hardworking person and all you need to do is find your passion. This is to anybody on here who thinks their lives are ruined without college. Have hope people, I'm proud of you, the same way I'm proud of people who graduate college. Do what makes you excited, and do it all the time, then you'll be happy :)

so do you kids want to work at Mc dees all your life ?

College is not the only path that can be taken, and college is not a guarantee of success.

nope it isn't i agree !!!
But it sure rounds out the ruff edges in ones mind!! and it looks fantastic on a resumes!! and if i may say.... makes one stand out from others who only graduated from high school ! divides the grunts from he graduates !!!
As a child I had the opportunity to travel and live in other cultures, so my view and education was /is based on places iv lived and how other people live. along with sitting at a desk for a test on Friday ... unlike most kids who were born and will live and die same place!!! their view of the world is very small!!! unless they read and have the opportunity to travel as an adult.

I freakin hate college. I'm about to start my second semester in a week and cry every time I think about going back to campus. I just want to stay home. I strongly dislike my roommate but have to pretend to like her because she's my boyfriends sister which makes things awkward. I cannot wait for this year to be over and I don't have to live with her anymore. If I didn't have to go school for my degree I would drop out. I hate college so much.


Could you sign this petition:

College sucked for me too
Here it is for free and in the middle of the city, and i literally had to walk 2 minutes until the bus stop so it was a little less traumatic, but still sucked.

I got into college at 17, in the "opening ceremony" they gave us the schedule and it was great, no holes and no class on friday.

Then in the first class i was like "these people were all together in high school, no way" everyone talking and me alone as always. I met one guy, he was cool and we would talk about anything and everything. And that was the only person i met in my college "life".

In the first semester i had a deception already: philosophy classes (i was studying computer science). And they were so boring.

I went to a "freshman party" (i guess the only freshmen were me and 3 or 4 other people) i got drunk for the first time, drunk enough to be crazy but no to black-out, fortunately. Even though i was more sociable while drunk I didn't do anything in that party, actually. Didn't hit on any girl (I'm 20 today, never even kissed a girl and since 6th grade i dont talk to a girl), didn't meet anyone, i remember myself telling dirty jokes and that's all.

Then i went to a second party hoping for better results,but it sucked so bad, I couldnt get drunk because somehow alcohol started tasting terrible. I tried even drinking a soft drink, basically juice+alcohol but no way, i took a sip and UGH, tried again and almost puked, then i had no choice but spilling that in the toilet and flush down lol, 5 minutes later my presence there was totally forced and I went back home.

I had 6 classes and failed 2 of them. The classes felt so terrible, i wasnt studying 15 minutes a day at home because i'm too lazy.

Second semester starts, that cool guy i met simply became an enormous douche overnight (or overbreak), i knew he was lazy too and that his parents were spartans, so i thought"well he probably failed 3 classes or 4 and his parents f____d his b___t, it happens". Turns out he actually failed 4 of 6 classes lol. Then in the second day he was still a douche so, as the extremist that i am, i put him on my "ignore list" already, i'd rather be alone than in a bad company.

Not even 1 month of this second semester passed and I decided to quit, i have no idea how my parents accepted it and left me at home doing simply nothing but house chores, like 1 hour a day, and to be honest it was great, doing nothing feels so good.

One year later they say i was going back to college. ok.
This semester i had classes at 20:00h. That was so horrifying, those boring classes with a dozy professor saying bla bla bla for 100 minutes, getting home at 22:15h, terrible.

The lack of interest in classes was bigger than ever. Except for programming I guess i never said a single word in the other classes. In programming classes i was participative, actually, asking a lot of questions and all, but in the 3 days of the week I didn't have programming, i would simply stay 8 or 10 hours in that campus not saying a single word.

Then this semester ends and I fail 6 out of 6 classes. Highest grade was a 35. My parents have a "meeting" with me, if that keeps up we will dump you and bla bla bla. I didn't worry because i'm not really attached to life, and to be honest I knew they wouldn't do that.

Another semester begins and in not even 1 month i was quitting college again. I was visibly uninterested and parents simply asked me if i thought i would have that ridiculous performance again, I said "yes" and they just agreed that i should quit, no traumas as i expected.


are you the one who had his comment deleted by E/p a few days ago by e/p?? hahahahaah u sound like him ! i bet u are why keep making profiles to come back to re has the same old dead horse hahahaah get over it !!!


I JUST HATE GOING TO CLASS AND DOING HOMEWORK. I love the people and the experience but I literally dread going to class. I'm a freshman and I feel like what I'm learning is not worth it. I pay what seems like a million dollars a semester and I can't stand it....maybe I'm just lazy? I can't stay focused and I'm always so stressed. I can't seem to keep up.

HEY life is not a bowl of cherries get over it ! no one promised you a rose garden ! what do you want ??? to flip hamburgers all ur life? then complain about not being able to have a life because u don't make enough money to afford to have a decent life duh!!!
YEP..... I don't want any of females in my family to marry a man who isn't motivated to do better ! would you want to marry a man who doesn't finish anything??? doesn't feel like he doesn't belong in this world?????!!!! clearly he has some issues he needs therapy for!!!! so if you want to support such a man and be his therapist you go right a head little lady!!

come back to me in 20 years then we can have an adult conversation duh!!!

I'm a freshman now and i hate college, I tried to reach out to people out of my comfort zone (because I am a generally shy person) and found myself to be very outgoing and trying to make friends a lot. However, this semester people have stopped asking me to go eat with them, and I find myself eating alone or in my room a lot. I even confronted some of my "friends" crying and told them how unhappy I've been and how I feel as though I don't have a lot of people to hang out with, and they assured me I did nothing wrong and they were just busy, but nothing has changed. I now have no one to live with next year and cry frequently. I am pretty miserable here. I came for a certain, but really struggled my first semester with grades and am now planning to switch to a different major. I have tried to get involved, and joined two student organizations this semester, as well as got a campus job. However, I still find myself alone and unhappy despite all this effort I've put in. I even approached people asking them if they would room with me, but they already had roommates for their suites next year. I have never felt in a position like this before, and am extremely unhappy. Maybe someone could give me some advice, also because it will be hard to transfer with the grades I got this year.

I agree with with endureandmite .... and besides ur not there to be a social butterfly ur there to study and get good grades!! and graduate !!!!! life is not a bowl of cherries !!
get over it !!!

Go eat some ramen noodles and cry in a corner. Lol

damn I feel the same way. Literally. It blows here and I'm in california. I'm not used to not having solid friends and everything. Everyone is soo hyped up about college, but to be honest it's not that great. Especially when you do n't have any great friends.<br />
<br />
I'm at a really good University, but that doesn't change ****. It's all about who you are with not where you are. I do like my professors though. But damn this place really blows and I want to transfer out. Another thing is I feel like **** everyday when I wake up, but as the day progresses it gets better. So I guess that's a good thing. Furthermore, much of the cause of my stress is this one group of kids . And I hate being the one on the outside.

Same here, The college students are *******s, they seem to have a thing about turning your bag inside out, ******* you off and always seem more immature than secondary school(high school in America). I hate college and I some ways can't wait to leave!

I agree, college is important but it can be boring. I attend Western Illinois University and this school is horrible. i caution anyone trying to come here. I came here because its an instate school so i thought it would be cheap. WrONG! They tried to make my dad pay 16,000 for my first freshmen year. It is ridiculous! i only received 4,000 dollars in financial aid and when I go to the financial aid office for help, they just act like its not their problem so they dont try and help,(Btw im not the only student who is like that. Alot of people have said Western is a financial burden to them.) Anyway, enough about the horrible help of financial aid.
2) The meal plan here is horrible. you get 2000$ each semester and that sounds like alot right?..WRONG! First off they charge individually for every iteam you get, which is not what most schools do. So lets say I get a burger, no side, no drink, that burger alone is $8 and thats the cheapest thing on the menu. A frozen meal is $7 if you go to the c-store (But at walmart is like $2)and a can of soup is $4(at the store it is a $1.50.) needless to say its ridiculous. And Western knows their meal plan sucks because they caution everyone like crazy to be etremely careful with your meal plan. And i was cautious but one day I go to the Cafe and the lady tells me I no longer have money on my carrd. That was November 1st and the meal plan didnt restart until january. So for 2 months my parents had to put $30-50$ in my account everyweek so I could take the bus to go buy some food( Mainly frozen meals) When I went home for break my mom told me I looked tiny, turns out I lost 6 pounds, Go figure!( when my sister saw me she said the same thing. I just joke that Im on the Western Diet.) Also the cafe use to be really full but by the end of the yearit was half empty as most of the students lost their privalllage to eat. Western also came up with ROCKY DOLLARS So that your parents can put money on your account when your meal plan runs out. My roomates meal plan ran out a week after mine and her mom put $100 a week on her account so she could eat in the cafe and not have to go to walmart with me and she only ate one meal a day!
3) the town sucks. There is nothing to do. Literaly all anyone does here is get drunk and like I know its normal for college kids to drink but the way the people here act is as if theyre all going to be alcoholics..And Im not interested in that. Macomb is a ugly little town. Maybe its bc I lived in Oakpark which is a nice neighborhood and it was right next to chicago so there was always something to do or some place to go. Any my dad was really strict so I could barely go anywhere so when I got to college I was hoping id be able to get out and live nut its hard to live a fun life when your in a tiny little nowhere town like Macomb.
Western sucks! When we got here the bathrooms were still dirty from the freshmen who were here before us! The food sucks! It's expensive for no Reason! The town sucks! There is nothing to do! The rooms are tiny! Financial aid sucks!
The only good thing that has happened to me is my roomate is awesome, I love her! And the education here is zoo easy, Im a psychology major and its so easy, I feel like my highschool was way harder than this(it could be that their education sucks but Im cool with it as long as I pass) Btw I am not coming back here next year

I totally agree. I'd much rather be working than going to school (except for one place i've worked...) my issues with school (& solutions):1) It *destroys* relationships. If you value your significant other don't go to school you will lose him/her. No good solution, maybe take turns at school or go to the same school?2) Dorms suck. Your roommate is an *** who doesn't understand privacy, everyone down the hall likes to blare music at 3am (ra won't do anything) and you have class at 8. Your living space is 96sq ft. The cafeteria food is disgusting and you're paying over $1,000/mo to live in this pig-sty. Solution: don't live in dorms. if your school has a live-in policy, take your business elsewhere. If you're already in a contract try to move to an older (single, non-freshman) dorm if possible.3) The classes have like 300 people, it's boring, and why the hell am i taking "women's studies" for a computer science degree? Solution: consider an associates degree; they usually have way less irrelevant crap and smaller class-sizes.Finally, I'm really really tired of hearing parents insist their kid go straight to college for what THEY think their kid should do. This is a trap that so many of my friends have fallen into. 1) there's nothing wrong with taking time off to figure out what you're going to do with your life. 2) go for what YOU want to do, not your parents. 3) college is a means to an end. that's it. you get a piece of paper that lets you get a job. the experience is quite frankly a bad one anyways.


this serves as an open response to the still relevant problem and the now archaic post.

reasons for attending college are small. in my case it was really a pretty objective decision to attend a large, public, out of state university (more economical, major of choice, different place). i have been, and probably will be realizing this, more and more until i finish next year. i wasn't excited to permanently move states when i graduated high school. all of my good friends are no longer around. but that doesn't seem to compare to new friends i made early on here; they aren't really around anymore either. people i saw last weekend aren't around either. i have to commit more time to classes than anything else.

college education helps you, no matter how many poor experiences or months of uninterrupted low mood that causes you to not want to get out of bed, complete assignments, or socialize. i would say that there have been boring times, but those were really just times when i didn't know how to act on myself, or make myself do things. but maybe i learned how to cope with my once inability to cope. everything has a cause, yet also, suffering is never absent in life. but the talk of self-knowledge and all of that starts to get disgusting. alcohol, weed, parties, towns, people, friends, activities, loneliness, et cetera, all of that stuff is nothing more than some hysterical device that incites anger. it is turning a simple problem into a catastrophe, and all it can do is perpetuate itself. anger, because it reinforces the idea we once had that special things would happen to us. so are all of those topics a distraction? for the most part, yes. you may be able to find certain things in certain places at certain times, but there will always be trade-offs.

i don't think reasons for unhappiness or unrest are always so clear, but i do think that everything has a cause. we always have the ability to find reason for various causes. but probably the most simple reason for a cause (ex: ending high school caused the question of what next, of considering attending college) is that everything must change, no thing can stay the same. this causes us to try and understand what has happened, what is happening, and what will, should, and could happen. i think that alone is what causes most of our unrest. i like how Bukowski's two words "don't try" can be applied to pretty much everything. so in this case, don't try to understand what has happened, just understand. it is often very difficult to think and feel and live in such objective terms, but maybe there are good and bad parts of all ways of thought and life.

True, college is boring. I just started my first semester last week. Let me tell you, it was the most tiring and painful experience in my life. There was nothing to do and I even thought on quitting college. I go to SCC which is Saintago Canyon college. It was really boring. I basically hate it because i thought i was going to fail and let my parents down. But instead, they supported me to do my best and that made me happy. Anyways, everytime i go home, i am always tired and sore from all the lectures and activities. My back will start hurting and my head as well. I am still sore as of right now. It just way too much for me. Yes i am one of those people who miss high school and if i had a time machine, i would go back to my amazing 4 years of high school. So now, since this week is ending and I have to go to class on mondays. Let me say this, college isn't right for everyone and that okay because It wasn't right for me but hey I didnt quit. I still go as long as I make my family proud. There are other people who care about and wants you to succeed in life. So I say, GO FOR IT! YOU CAN DO IT! and GOOD LUCK.
Always think postive.


yah dude. High school was amazing. I guess it just takes time.

Well, I don't know if people are still reading this since its been about a year since the first post but I will share my college experience as well. I am now about to start my second year of classes at a college campus in my hometown. I and 3 other of my closest high school friends were the only ones of my clique to stay. We all hate our hometown, small, boring, 2 hours away from any major US city so we were all anxious to get away. Well, as they time changes everything, I now only communicate with one of those three friends and maybe a fraction of the friends that went off, including one of my BEST friends. Well classes generally suck, the college here is relatively small, boring architecture, no eye-candy (cyute girls ;0)) so it got pretty painful. My first semester i did pretty well but for as long as I can remember I've never fully applied myself so I COULD have done much better. Well here comes the interesting parts of my story. My Spring semester. I lost all my friends, some turned into huge douchebags literally overnight. I dropped two classes, and managed to pull off two c's and a b, all while being constantly under the influence of drugs. That's right, i was a huggeee drug addict. And I'm not talking just weed. I also was suffering from depression, as two of my family members had passed away within a month of each other. So all of this, and with no friends for any kind of support, college began to be one huge mistake in my life, or i should say not going off my first year. But now, 6 months later, I've found new friends, have crippled my drug habits (although i still use because **** it, college yo) and have pulled my gpa up to a 3.2, while still planning to transfer in the spring of 2014. I have regained contact with some of my old friends, and we plan on taking a trip to europe in the winter.
So my advice:
Everything happend for a reason. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes people suck, sometimes YOU will suck. It's part of life, and college is just you experiencing this in the real world. It WILL get better. You just have to lead your own life. Don't let society or anyone else lead it for you. And for those of you who don't drink, try it every now and then. I'm not saying get completley skunked and pass out in the street. But drinking is a very social american pastime. I've met lots of friends over beers. So hang in there, let loose, and have a good life.
//With every passing second comes a second chance\

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This exactly describes my college experience.
I'm at my third college, the environment of "city" vs "not city" doesn't help when you can't find friends. About the only thing to do in college is party and if you don't do that, like I don't, you're SOL.

Oh, also, if you're bored at your college, transfer to a college thats in a city, Chicago, New York, Philly, Boston, etc. You've got a lot of options. Cities are a lot of fun if you're bored in the middle of nowhere.

I'm responding to "notsurewhoiamanymore". What you said is utter bullshit. Your life is what your make it. College, four whole years were you get to satisfy your intellectual desires or interests and don't have to deal with the real world. College and life is what you make of it. **** that girl. There are plenty of other girls out there with better **** who are just as funny and would be perfect for you. Transfer to another school, you're not gonna be happy where you are and just forget about this girl and forget about the past and live your ******* life. The only one really holding you down is yourself. I've struggled with depression my whole life, since I was 9 and I'm 20 now so I have 11 years of experience to back this up. The best thing I ever did in my life was to stop caring so much about the opinions of people I don't know or don't like. Who the **** are they? I mean, you should always respect your fellow man but you don't have to suck their dirty ***** while you're at it. If you want to be happy, put yourself out there, and wait a little while, it'll all work out. Life, making friends, falling in love, living, etc it all takes time. Everything worth having takes time to cultivate, nothing will ever fall right into your lap. It's never going to be easy, but as long as you're willing to work, not hard or anything, but put in the effort when it's necessary, you'll get to where you want to be. Stay strong and travel safe, but not too safe. Where does it say that you get extra brownie points from dying healthy or old? I plan on arriving in death saying, ******* it, but that was a good ******* ride.

I hate the college that i'm goin to right now too. The only reason I came to this school was because I was chasing love. I fell in love so hard with this girl my last two years of high school that I only applied to the same school she was going to. My senior year we got pretty close but she didn't want to date because she wanted to be single in high school (even though she had clear intentions of wanting to date in college). Over the summer we stopped talking because I thought I was going to be the "Man" and thought I could do better. I found out painfully that I made the single biggest mistake of my life so far. It's so hard seeing her find another guy so easily and seeing her give him that special smile. My college isn't that big either, so I run into her more than I want to, which I never want to see her again. She has someone new in her life and she is so happy, I just want to forget about her and be that happy. And she isn't that person who gets with everyone. She told me she wasn't that person, and I respected that so much, and that is also the single biggest thing I want to find in a person. And that's the way I am too. I don't want to fool around with people.. I want to find someone to love forever who doesn't have any ghosts in their closet. What are the odds of me finding that in someone that I want to be with...there aren't any odds because it's not gonna happen. I saw my life being to great with her and making so many great friends, but reality set in and I feel like I'm a no one here. I am still too emotionally caught up with her that I haven't let my heart open for another person to come into my life. With little close friends and too many qualities that I want in a person, I feel that I won't ever find someone that I will love with all my heart. I consider myself to be a decent looking guy with so much more to offer than looks. But I can't put myself out there because I care too much about what other people think about me. I wake up every day and literally think about her. I don't want to, but my mind brings it up. I've had thoughts of suicide practically every day for the past 4 months of college. I don't think I'll ever find what I'm looking for.

I've been talking with a counselor here at my college and she hasn't done much for me so far. She is just a graduate so she has little experience.

So for me college has been the worst time of my life. And high school wasn't that bad for me, but high school is a utopia compared to this right now. I absolutely hate it will all my heart and am having a hard time finding the positives in my life right now. I can't decide if I want to transfer to another college next year where one of my best friends goes, or stay here and see if it gets better. My life is following the idiom "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." I am putting too much pressure on myself to have a great life, when I need to just let it happen and if my life turns out to be ****, then that's the way my life is supposed to be.

But I feel you. If college is supposed to be the best years of my life then I can only imagine how bad the rest of my life is going to be.

hello there;) I share my feelings with you girl. been there, it's not that easy to make friends in college, it's not like the movies that it seems pretty easy to get along with everybody but hey! all I can tell you is too keep up your faith, and see if you can join any club or organization , with similar interest as yours.

Universities or college are not fun at all, it appears to me is all studying and studying no time for us as college students to share, socialize *sigh* .... I think sometimes is better to be at home or maybe yourself create a group who agrees with me?


College is definitely not how I imagined it to be. There was no fun, excitement and love for my work. Hell, for the past semester I've been depressed, stressed and filled with anxiety. I feel apologetic towards my parents for wasting their hard earned money. Everyone here is already so focused in on what major or career they want (sucks that I go to a huge career oriented university), and as someone who is still undecided, I feel so out of place. I've been thinking about transferring, but I'm afraid. Everyone I know seems to be having a blast in school, while I'm just miserable. I wonder if it's because I'm not emotionally ready for this next big step.

Sounds just like my college! I'm a freshman going to a college of about 3,000 people. I thought that would be pretty big (6 times bigger than my high school) but it somehow isn't. I see the same people in the hallway every day and the same people are in so many of my classes. My school is in the middle of nowhere (the closest city is 20 minutes away) and almost everybody leaves on the weekends to go home/party, but I don't have a car so I am stuck here and it is extremely depressing. Thankfully I went home last weekend, but whey my parents dropped me back off even they agreed that my school looks like a boring ghost town.

I had a great group of friends the first month or so but we kind of fell apart and it is really tough meeting new people. Like other people on here have said, so many people have come to my college with their 3 best friends from high school and it is so cliquey! I have tried joining clubs, and they have provided me with some friends, but not close enough friends that we can all hang out on the weekends or anything. I know 2 people from my town and they are both seniors and we say hi in the halls but that's about it. The professors here are decent but not that great either. They either baby us and make me feel like I'm in a middle school english class, or they barely speak english and the material is WAY too hard. I only like (more like tolerate) 2 of my 5 teachers, the rest are just painful and worse than any teacher i ever had in high school.

Right now all I can do is hope to get a car over christmas break so I can get the hell out of here every weekend. I'm hoping to transfer next year but honestly kind of afraid that it will be the same thing all over again :/

I am almost positive you go to my college. Anyways, it's miserable. Luckily THIS year I have about 5-7 people that I can talk to, and 3-4 that I can always go to for help when I am feeling down, which unfortunately is almost every day. However, they are all transferring after being in this ****hole for a year, and that leaves one person that I will (or should I say would have) had next year that I've become relatively close to.

My advice:

Question why you are in college. I (and so many others) came here due to the good deal financially because it is a lot less expensive starting out here and a good idea if you don't know what you plan to major in yet. If you know what you want to do with your life, transfer as soon as possible. If not, maybe stick it out for another year, attend a community college, or even take some time off to decide what you want to do with your life. DO NOT let yourself go through this for nothing.

Also, most of the people (except for one) I became close to because we were in the same classes or in the same hall. Honestly, there are many many more people going through this than you think. You are not alone and there are so many others. I was actually glad to find that many others were going through the same thing. In fact, it is what keeps me going, to know that I am not alone and neither are you. Keep your head up, it will get better.

Yeah we probably do go to the same college! Like 75% of the people here are dying to transfer out and the other 25% have somehow managed to have some weird undying love for the place. Unfortunately the club situation has taken a turn for the worst because one club is over for the year and the other turned out to be what felt to me like a life-changing cultlike experience! A couple of my friends (who are unfortunately commuters from the city 20 minutes away) and I are planning on transferring out and going to a huge state school by fall 2014. I should have gone there from the start. I didn't work my *** off in high school to be at this mediocre shithole while the rest of my high school friends are out getting a top notch education and having the time of their life!

what really sucks is that college is a business all they care about is money
and it sucks because most people are dumb *****
i cant wait to get my degree and disapear for a while
horrible expirience in college

College is becoming more and more of a scam unfortunately.

Wow....Why can't people like you be at my school! :( Like most everybody else here, college just has not lived up to expectations so far. All my life, college has been this idealized, glorified thing that is "the best four years" of my far, they are not shaping up to be that way. So far, the "friends" that I made started ignoring me, and slowly but surely pushing me out...they were all roommates, and I was the only "friend" outside of their room, which did not help anything. They started bonding because they were all living together, and while ignoring me while I was there and not including me on their inside jokes. It has totally screwed with my head. I'm usually an introverted, kind, and caring person. But when they started pushing me out, it just felt like it was my fault. But the people who know me best, my family all reassure me it wasn't. I don't mind being alone, it's just for dinner, and other events that I see all these groups of friends, and I just wish I had that. I wish I could know if and when it will get better so that I could push through....I hope it gets better, or next year just might not happen... I hope all the best to everyone here, and hope it has worked out for you. But it is also comforting to know that those who don't like to party and be with people who just drink to puke, exist somewhere out there... All I want is a few low key friends to hang and go on adventures like swinging on swings, or carving pumpkins, going to music shows, that have intellectual conversations at dinner, and other things like that. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there....

I feel so alone here! i went to college 4 hours away from home, all alone! I have only one friend here who doesn't even live on campus. all i do everyday all day long is sit in my dorm and eat. great. not what i expected of college at all. everyday i wish i would've went to the same school as my best friends but its too late. i also joined greek life in hopes that i would find friends and that it would get better, but i still feel alone. my freshman college experience is seriously sucking hard right now. sometimes i feel like i want to pack up and go home.

I feel like that too but so do many others. It's hard getting motive to get things done throughout the day, but motivate yourself and find others that will help motivate you as well. Think of it in the long run.

I have had the same experience. I live with my two best friends and it is horrible. My best guy friend I live with decided he is gay and goes and f***s every other gay guy around. the other one never leaves her room and skips every class. I should of lived on campus it would have been 1000x better than living in this apartment.

I'm a college graduate and I didn't even go to my commencement to get my diploma. I've found career contentment in a field not even related to my degree. T've found that a good attitude, willingness/adaptablity to train and respect for others probably trump so-called book smarts. My only complaint is that I wished I'd done this a lot sooner--I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Remember that a lot of good jobs don't necessarily reqire a degree, even though society esp. parents/teachers/bs experts will tell you differently.

I feel the same f cking way. I'm about a month into my freshman year and I'm already thinking about transferring. You would think that people here would be grown and laid back and not care so much, but I feel like I've landed back into my freshman year of high school. It f cking sucks. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there feeling this way, I really though it was just me.
College is definitely NOT what I expected, at least so far.

Definetely not just you. It is nothing like I expected either. My college is horrific, but I'd say the people are definetely the worst aspect of it.

I graduated high school in 2008 and never went to college. In 2009-10 I attempted to get back on track. But that didn't happen all because the ******* FAFSA/Financial Aid betrayed me by not wanting to pay my studies at all !!!! Believe me I even made two more attempts ...yet, ....NOTHING !!!! I wanted to KILL MYSELF. Now at 24, I am more scared than ever ... I haven't made another attempt since then. I walk down the streets of Houston and I see all these students talking and bragging how cool it is to be majoring in something ....and when I hear that ...IT MAKES ME MAD, I JUST BREAKOUT IN TEARS and asking myself on what could have been of me. I have no clue where or how did I messed up, ...people will be asking me 'oh, did you go to college, did you major ?', I'd say ,'NO' ....and the conversation ends, they want nothing to do with me !!! I feel like I don't belong in this world and that's something I have to deal with EVERYDAY. I have a job but really I'm NOT satisfied with it at all. Other people have given me advice into going back but I am so scared that I just want to DIE.

I graduated high school in 2008 and never went to college. In 2009-10 I attempted to get back on track. But that didn't happen all because the ******* FAFSA/Financial Aid betrayed me by not wanting to pay my studies at all !!!! Believe me I even made two more attempts ...yet, ....NOTHING !!!! I wanted to KILL MYSELF. Now at 24, I am more scared than ever ... I haven't made another attempt since then. I walk down the streets of Houston and I see all these students talking and bragging how cool it is to be majoring in something ....and when I hear that ...IT MAKES ME MAD, I JUST BREAKOUT IN TEARS and asking myself on what could have been of me. I have no clue where or how did I messed up, ...people will be asking me 'oh, did you go to college, did you major ?', I'd say ,'NO' ....and the conversation ends, they want nothing to do with me !!! I feel like I don't belong in this world and that's something I have to deal with EVERYDAY. I have a job but really I'm NOT satisfied with it at all. Other people have given me advice into going back but I am so scared that I just want to DIE.

For awhile I thought it was my school in particular (Washington State) that was full of banal, retarded people with whom I had nothing in common. Going abroad for a semester and meeting students from so-called "elite" schools who were just as shallow and annoying was a bit of an eye opener. The only people I got along with their were European grad students in their mid-late twenties and random full on post-collegiate adults.<br />
<br />
The common thread I've noticed here among the commenters is a pretty apparent introverted disposition. College, I think, is paradise for extraverted mediocrities but often quite hollow for the rest of us, even though it's the more thoughtful introverts that higher education was supposed to cater to to begin with. <br />
<br />
Ah well. In all honestly, I can't cast too many stones anymore; I pretty much whittle my days away drinking, watching Netflix and picking fights with frat bros. I certainly can't be bothered to do more than scrape by academically anymore. I've been assimilated. The horror. Too bad it's too late to actually penetrate any of these douchey social cliques that serve as gateways to any sort of life here.

I was one of those people who wen to college at the age of 18 and was there for two years and two quarters. In hindsight, I would have started college at the age of 22 or 23 instead!<br />
I felt the same way most you did when I was that age,(I am 46 now). Do I regret dropping out?<br />
Yes, sometimes I do. When I left college, I figured I would work a few years and then go back to school, but I didn't. I became a construction worker and in the process I found I enjoyed being around blue-collar workers more so than 99% of my fellow students at the college I attended. My main point is this: Do what your heart tells you to do instead of what other people think or feel you should do

Thanks a lot for this advice. I'm struggling through this because I want to pursue a career I am passionate for but feel leaned towards another due to the sinking economy.

I always tell the middle schoolers I work with to avoid college at all costs!

From my point of view as a 33 year old friends will come and go but doing what u love is something u should strive for your whole not delay this...what do u love to learn about and study? What's your passion, the whole no privacy thing sucks bad as I have been in a dorm type room before but if your dreams are strong enough and your not going to college just to make good money at a career which is a terrible idea then find some sort of peace of mind to carry u through each day whilst setting goals to be the best at what it is u are shooting for.

Thanks for this.

I just finished my first year and I am so not going back! I had such high expectations of college and right from the start it felt wrong. Most of my classes were okay, but the people were so immature and lame. I am a chill laid back person and the partying and constant proving yourself to everyone just isn't my thing. I am also from a small close knit family and town and did not enjoy living in the city. My roommate was like 4 different people. Whoever he was hanging with, he would take on their personality and I never really felt I could trust him. I did meet a couple other students who felt the same as I do and none of us are returning. So, I am in the process of figuring out what to do next and not feel like a failure. Thinking about community college while working or possibly online courses. It's just so hard to admit to others that maybe college isn't right for me right now. I just is not a good feeling at all.

I'm hating being in online college, the classes are going to make my head explode! All I want to do is create the perfect video game, own my own company, get the girl, get a house and start a family and live out my days in peace doing what I love man! Shiat, I can't even figure out the menus, I'm failing because I had a ****** computer, and on top of that I owe them 4,000+ dollars I don't have!!!

You don't seem to be alone.... It would be great if people were given the chance to really find out more before choosing a school! Many people have similar experiences, especially if they don't know anyone at the same school.<br />
<br />
Most of the time the other students were the ones making it so difficult - so I left!<br />
Don't really recommend that if you don't have a fall back plan though....<br />
<br />
If you must stay, try to focus on WHY you are there and connect with people who have the same mindset! Good luck...

lol man college rocks !


I, too, feel like I'm enrolled at the wrong school. So far in it feels there's alot to do around campus and I'm stuck directly in the middle of it all. There's diversity here but it defeats its own purpose when everyone only talks to people like themselves. I don't know how hard it is for some people to get that you can wear apparel with letters on it, but your school spirit could still be nonexistent. <br />
<br />
To sum everything up...I feel like I'm getting smarter and everyone else around me is getting progressively dumber. Is the problem that maybe too many people are being let in? You should see some of the people I deal with daily. It's not as if I can't fit in here, either. I know people on my hall, from class, different organizations, and the list goes on. Here I am, trying to enjoy my college experience by myself and every turn there's someone placing an attack on my self-esteem - trying to make me feel bad for not wanting to pay attention to what the group's doing all the time. Stand-out students at my college are either usually alone or or have few friends, and these are the people I consider my 'peers'.<br />
<br />
I wish I could say I've had 'strange sexual escapades' at my school, but sadly I haven't had any. The dating scene here is shallow and the girls suck. They don't know what they want, only date guys they knew in high school, or plain just aren't ready for anything and don't want to admit it. Social scene gets boring after the first initial months, as there's not much of a point when you actually have to do schoolwork. Expect to get sick at least once because of all the random people you'll be around. Like I said college sucks. <br />
<br />
Not that I'm complaining about my school campus at all. It's a good school; The programs, facilities, architecture is fine....the people here just suck. No amount of gov't funding can change that fact. Same high school problems just on a different scale.

I'm really relieved to find so many other people who feel this way.... I loathe college and the social atmosphere here. Frankly, I'm a 'nerd' who enjoys *not* drinking or partying and acting like an idiot and would prefer to sit and read things. I am a freshman, and this year has been the most torturous experience of my life. I live about 30 minutes away, but unfortunately have to dorm this year, but I go home *literally* every weekend. I have not missed a weekend since September. The week goes by agonizingly slowly... I spend my days going to class, then sitting in the library for five hours, then going to my room (which is disgusting). My roommate and I do not get along, and the people on my floor are immature and obnoxious. Most of the kids around me only care about partying and being 'social' and are so cliquey and judgemental. I'm an introvert and would really just prefer to meet anyone who likes having conversations about things... but I literally have not met one person who I click with, besides some professors. Most people here are the 'bros and hoes' genre.... I don't even know. Next year, I'm commuting, and I'm going to drive to school, sit in my classes, get up, walk to my car, and leave. College has legitimately been the worst experience of my life, and I am counting down until the day it will be over, May 2015.... oh wait, grad school :/

I'm so glad I read this. I felt like I was the only one who wasn't enjoying college, and, although I don't wish anybody else on here to have bad experiences, and I hope it turns around for all of you guys, but at least i know I'm not alone in what I'm feeling.<br />
<br />
I really didn't like high school at all, and I just couldn't wait for college to begin because all I had heard was how great of an experience it was, and I really wanted to start enjoying myself for once. I got accepted to my #1 school, aand that's where I went. I was excited, but I quickly realized that I hated it. It was a huge school and it seemed like all everybody did was party like crazy and get drunk all the time (which isn't me at all). Also, everybody seemed so cliquey and it was so tough to make friends. I hated it so much that I decided to just transfer after my first semester because I couldn't take it anymore. I switched over to a smaller school that my older brother attended, mainly because he went there and he always talked about how much he loved it.<br />
<br />
I was super excited to leave my first school, but as soon as my second semester started at my new school, I was just as unhappy. Coming in midyear was extremely tough and it seems like everybody has already met their friends and I just can't seem to find any similar people. While it's nice to have my brother here, one big problem I've come across is that this school is an hour and a half farther away from home than my old school, and now I can't ever go home on the weekends. I feel so lonely here and, just like last semester, I end up spending so much time by myself and I hate it.<br />
<br />
I know have pretty much come to the conclusion that I'll have to switch schools again, but this time i think I'm just going to go to a school that's very close to my home so I can just live at home. It's so frustrating because I'm not sure how all of my credits are going to transfer over. This just isn't what I wanted out of college. I can't stand seeing all of my friends on facebook talking about how much they love college. I just can't wait til the day I finish up college and I can finally be done with this horrible experience.

Wow, I could not agree more with everything everyone said. I am a second semester sophomore and have truly come to realize that no matter how hard I try, I barely have any friends here. I have a great group of friends at home, a boyfriend at a different school, and a best friend who I talk to almost every day. I haven't found anyone like that here. It sucks because you don't even have the comfort of your family around, especially if you are at a not-so-close to home college. I feel like everyone always wants to party, and everyone has found their group of friends and are not looking for new ones. I have also joined multiple clubs and have still not found anyone that is more than an acquaintance. I honestly just try to think that I'll be done here in a few years and that it will not matter in the future; I'm here to get a good education and a job, so the rest of my future can be much better! That all being said, I wish some of you were at the same school as me and we could bond over these feelings!

It's like you read my mind!!! I am now a second semester sophomore and I absolutely can't wait for my whole college experience to be over. Like you, I enjoyed high school a lot and had a great group of friends and boyfriend. Even when I went away for camps over the summer, I had a very easy time making friends and no trouble adjusting for a few weeks. <br />
<br />
BUT summer camps are only for a few weeks for a reason -- living in a dorm is like living in hell. Teachers say to study and sleep. Try doing that in a 10 by 10 room with a roommate you hate and noise/people/distractions coming at every angle. People say you don't have to be a party animal to love college...well you don't, but if you're not, be prepared to spend a lot of time alone and find some good TV shows to watch. <br />
<br />
I've now been to two schools and am thinking of transferring once again before I finally get this painful process called "THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF YOUR LIFE" over with. If you're in college or dreading it, here's some advice:<br />
1. Pick a school close to home. Weeks are easier and less stressful if you know you can get away at the end, or if you can go home after classes to see people you know and love.<br />
2. Focus on getting good grades. Your teachers and parents will LOVE you. It makes what should be the most important aspect of college one shining light, and your high GPA will help you get a job you like so you aren't continually miserable.<br />
3. Keep a journal. Write down everything that you feel, because it's important to get these emotions out and you might not feel close enough to anybody to tell them.<br />
4. Exercise! Keep your body healthy and make goals. Exercise is a great way to have alone time where you aren't being judged for being alone.<br />
5. Don't expect to fit in, find three best friends, your perfect relationship, etc., etc. This might not happen right away, and it might never happen. It's important to be content with your alone time and yourself.<br />
6. Remember: only about 8 months of the year are spent at college, and most schools give a lot of breaks and long weekends. Four years is a lot (I KNOW!) but the time will pass.

trust me its better than having fake people around you!1 -.-

College is fun. Trick is to join groups and try to change them to your standards or break them up. Its fun and lets time go by really fast. Breaks are slow. Cant wait for my last semester to start next fall.

My son goes to a college in Florida. He originally went to a college in Mississippi but it was in the middle of nowhere, no grocery store or fast food for an hour & a half, and he said his room mate was a pig. The school he goes to now he chose to get an apartment 10 minutes away from campus and we actually save $1000 a year in rent.

The worst is like hearing everyone else be like "oh ma gawsh guys i love college! party!" everywhere and kind of feeling even worse like you must be crazy if you don't like it. But I love what you said about the privacy thing I hate that! I share two bathrooms (with no door lock, mind you) and a common room with 7 other girls and it's never quiet. Ever. And yes, everything here is disgusting and dark. I haven't met a single person who I consider my friend. College is indeed super lame.

omg i know exactally what you mean. my roomate is such a pain in the *** and she doesnt understand that skyping at 3 in the morning isn't cool. plus i live with three older sophmores and they think theyre hot ****. i hate it here. ugh

Well I totally agreed with your post. I went to school 600 miles from home and i hated it. I knew i wanted to go away for school but my parents screwed me over and forced me to go to a school i never wanted to go to and they got stuck with more loans than all the other schools i wanted to go to. i met a guy and he made me happy over the summer but when we hit school i was miserable. i hated the school i hated my teachers, i made no friends because i was always with him. then he just didnt care about me enough to try to make things better for me. then literally 2 weeks before christmas the last day of finals he broke up with me, and i was forced to go back to school for the next semester somewhere that i did not want to be. okay, two months go by and im somewhat okay i still did not make ANY friends being on my own none it sucked there was nothing fun on campus at all and i hated the area. so come valentines day we get back together and i move into his apartment with him. the school year goes by i almost fail all my classes because i spend all my time with him and dont go to classes that we dont have together or at the same time. whatever i passed all my classes barily thank god. i am forced to get a job so i can live with him over the summer and about 2 weeks into the summer he tells me he can't be with anymore because he wants to go screw other girls. so i gave him the finger and i moved back home 600 miles back home, where my parents moved while i was school so i don't know anyone here. and now that my ex screwed me royally i am forced into community college living with my parents which is what i didn't want ever that's why i went to school far away and now im miserable. and my parents expect me to live at home and go to a school by my hosue the whole 3 years i have left. i literally hate college because of the bad experiences i've had and i feel like i got jipped out of everything that could have been awesome because of a stupid boy. i just want to go back in time and just go to the school i WANTED to and start all this over with friends. :(

I agree that college sucks though I hate it for slightly different reasons. I did, however, find some very good friends. Beyond my friends, though, everything else sucks. Can't wait to get out of this hell hole.

I totally feel this!<br />
<br />
Alright. I came to college this past year looking for excitement. I was looking for fun nights of doing fun and miscellaneous things and acting like a crazy crackhead! However, the people I was constantly surrounded by (dorm, band, classes, etc) were SO lame and goody-two shoes. It sucked. The entire year. I was surrounded by goody two shoes. Now dont get me wrong. Many people in college that party, however, are straight up ******** and are completely fake. <br />
<br />
I just couldnt find the happy medium. People were either goody two shoes or two cliquey and non-outreaching. I hated it so much. I just wanted to make down-to-earth friends. And when I made second semester a break from so many activities, I ended up the being a complete loner. People were so cold and to themselves to not even answer texts and eat with me. So many lonely lunches and dinners. It sucked so bad.<br />
<br />
The one I want to emphasize is how cold/cliquey/non outreaching/lame/rude people in college are! It really makes me question days on end why everyone chooses to be this way when we can all easily choose to bond?!?! THIS IS ******* COLLEGE!! The years where we should make friends and do insane fun things together!!! This summer, I am so reconsidering which clubs/activities/major I am going to partake in. I do not want to continue living like this. College certainly sucks when you dont fall in the right groove.<br />
<br />
-Sophomore at James Madison University

I'm right there with you along with everyone else on this forum. I just completed my freshman year and am now faced with the decision to transfer to one of my dream schools or stay at my current school. I'm afraid things will be worse if I transfer because things have begun to look up for me at my school right now, socially anyways. I'm really not fond of any of the other aspects of the school. The school is also smaller than my high school which is just awkward, but the one I want to transfer to seems like everything I ever wanted and then some, but I dont want to lose my newfound friends and fun that I have created for myself over the past few weeks at my current school. I had a terrible freshman year and of course it had to start looking on the bright side 3 weeks before the year ended and right when I was so positive that I was going to transfer. Now I'm just at a loss of what to do. The whole situation is explained in my feature story. It sucks, and college just sucks in general.

What is your typical schedule? When do you start the day, and when does it end?<br />
What do you do for balance?

Yes college is a pain most of the time. The posts that I read made so many valid points. I'm 25, Im at the end of my third year going for a masters in accounting. I still have my old friends, but I barely see them because Im always so busy with either school or my part time job. Classes are getting crazy hard now, in my finance class we have a quiz everyday. This totally sucks bc I have to teach myself everything. Why the **** am I not getting paid?? I'm always stressed always tired. I quit college when I first got out of hs, in search of that silver dollar. I found it in the oil field for a while. I saved up money and then got laid off for a year and a half. Spent everything I saved, now Im back working for pennies again. It sucks. I hate to tell everyone this bc I know you've heard it from everyone. but you just got keep pushing forward. I didn't make many friends when I first went after hs even though I had a bunch of friends in hs. I thought everyone there was a bunch of douche bags, rich spoiled, and always complained about their grades even when they don't have to work. And now after three years they're still are a bunch. But when you get this far alot of them people already failed out. If you wanna change the world you gotta start with yourself. Im a pretty out going person now, when I start a new semester, I sit by somebody, I always gotta be the first to talk, but after I initiate the conversation, it flows. This is with male or female. I have made a bunch of friends since Ive been back. Exchange numbers with your new friends after a few classes together. This seems way less odd if you say so we can get together and study sometime or something. Then next time u wanna hang out just text them. It becomes real easy with time. But you gotta be opened minded, if you don't like that person sit by someone else and try the same thing until you do like them. Sorry guys but you're gonna figure out there's some people out there just like you, or guess what this page wouldn't have so many posts. As far as college, it's gonna suck regardless where you go, so u gotta get used to that. but i'd say try my way, transferring just seems a little extreme. I hope this is helpful to the people that are having trouble making new friends, I know Ive drawn this out but just trying to be helpful. Also, talking to the opposite sex is usually easier than same sex, just the natural order of things. But every since Ive made friends with more peeps male or female it's made college more enjoyable. not necessarily less stressful, bc you still got the same s*** you still gotta do. So good luck everyone.

I feel very similar

I feel very similar

omg me too!! I feel the same exact way. we should facebook each other and become friends!!

This is a great article. I'm a senior at Virginia Tech studying Mechanical Engineering. The only thing that has kept me here is the engineering school. I've felt similar frustrations all throughout my stay in Blacksburg. College sucks! I can't wait to leave!

I know how you feel entirely

I couldn't agree more with Jsuper. Absolutely same effect on me. I'm a sophomore at an online university, and the workload is extreme, the instructors are usually lazy but sometime understanding. I constantly find myself asking why, why do I have to do all of this? Excessive reading really aggravates me, because reading small amounts make me doze off for some reason. College sucks, it really does. They'll always find some way to screw you over, especially if you're new to the ways that a college operates and not having knowledge of what courses suit you the best. They don't care what they get you into, they'll keep making money with or without you. I'm now in debt like never imaginable, constantly aggravated, stress levels rising, and being pissed off. Sometimes I'll even find myself staring off into nothing, because there's just too much on my mind at one time. My social life is becoming more distant, and I always feel so aggravated and sometimes so depressed that I sleep excessively and sometimes I don't sleep at all. Some nights I can sit there just thinking about all of the miserable and insanely boring work I'm gonna have to face. I just want my life back. I don't want to give up, I just want a break. It never ends, it just keeps going and going and going and that's what's ******* me off. For each semester the workload seems to increase, and the method of certain types of questions change. It's almost like they're playing with your psychological well-being. The rest period between semesters at my university is barely 2 weeks, and BOOM you're right back into it. I just need a month or two away from all of that. I need time to work out other things, and strengthen my thought process all over again. Now that I'm so committed to college, I feel like it's taking away from everything else that I need. It just feels like torture sometimes. To everyone else who posted here, I feel your pain. We still have to remember that we're doing this for a reason no matter how frustrating or depressing it may get at times. We are doing this to make a better living, and I hope that everyone can manage to hang in there as long as possible, and try to take well-needed breaks between semesters. I'm gonna do all that I can to get into my assignments now, as much as I hate it and dread the fact of having to it's still my responsibility to get my work turned in. Don't let the stress and aggravation get in the way of your progress and your goals, I'm trying my best to have a positive outlook on this matter. Thank everyone for sharing your experiences, if you're suffering with college just remember that you're not the only one.

I'm not from the US but I have to agree with all of you. College absolutely sucks for me too. I'm lucky because I didn't have to move in order to attend college so I can still get comfort from my mom, from my room... Still, college sucks, I'm currently on my 2nd year and hating it.<br /><br />
I'm depressed, college is boring, the professors are boring, I'm not even liking the subject anymore. Truth is, more often than not I'm crying. From the second I leave home in the morning I'm counting the minutes to get back! I can't stand the people, so immature, always planning on getting drunk or fighting over guys.<br /><br />
I don't know... I feel like I need to be around older people. I just completed 19 but I really cannot stand most people my age.<br /><br />
Hope ur doing fine!

Hey i completely feel you.. i have somewhat the same problemm everything was nice at the beginning, but now i am all by myself, i have not made any friends at all here my roommate has her own clique and barely talks to me..pointless to say i hate it in here ..i cant wait to go home in christmas break =(

did you stay?

It does. It sucks. It's never what you think. Your always doing homework. If your not, You should be.<br />
It's so much work, so much stress, and life flies by, and you realize, years are gone, and you've done nothing, cause you got no money or real friends to speak of...

It does. It sucks. It's never what you think. Your always doing homework. If your not, You should be.<br />
It's so much work, so much stress, and life flies by, and you realize, years are gone, and you've done nothing, cause you got no money or real friends to speak of...

Well, i found myself in the same position as last year and i was told relatively the same thing. "Tough it out, you will do fine. Study hard, just get through it." Well, this is my second semester and honestly I am finding the same thing you all are. Its very cliquey and hard to meet people. As someone who has no interests in sports and has hardly any hobbies joining a club is out of the question. I find kids my own age (19) tend to be immature party lovers who don't work hard. At the same time, I have had good teachers and bad. The bad ones are boring and I constantly find myself asking why I am even going to their class? What am I even paying for? Most of the time my teachers will, quite literally, read the text book to me. I end up going back to my room and teaching myself all of the information they were suppose to make interesting and understandable. In addition to this, its clear that some teachers play favorites. In my computer science class I am a B student when i should be an A student just because the teacher doesn't like me. I meet all of the assignments requirements and go above and beyond even, then get criticized for it. I find that most of the time i will be docked points for random reasons such as spacing, or capitalization (both of these things are completely irrelevant in programming). When i confronted her about this she tilted her head and promptly said " what did you expect? An A? You didnt follow my comments". Too bad her comments were as vague as ( attributes are capitalized -1). College isn't for everyone. Back in the Clinton administration one could go straight to work and because the job market was competitive in hiring you would be payed well enough to live off of. Nowadays however, sense jobs are scarce, you cant make a decent living off of hard work alone. You need a piece of paper saying your "qualified". The ironic part of all of this is 50 years ago if you had a high school diploma it was the equivalent of what we treat an associates/bachelors degree today. Because there are so many college graduates and not enough jobs to fill them, their value as gone down.What was once worth the investment may no longer be so. To sum this rant up, college is and never will be for everyone. It is a temporary solution to an ongoing economic problem. Although its primary function is to educate, its latent function is to 1. Keep people from entering the job market too quickly. 2. Create jobs for teachers/staff. 3. get you acclimated to adult life(which can be achieved many other ways). Give it a few years and hope the economy will get better. College will become less of an obligation and more of something people want to do again.

college is kind of like a bowl of pudding, like pudding in general is freaking super sweet you know like really tasty and stuff. but like way to much pudding makes you sick and want to sh*t everywhere. kind of like college jajaja like pudding is just kind of terrible after you eat it for like 3 days lMAO

OMGGG i kno exactly how your feeling. I LOVEE high school, loved it.. great friends, awesome town. i freaking hate it here. somedays i just sit in my room and d nothing. I don't get along with the people here, they area ll really immature rich ***** which is weird cuz i kno people who have lots of money and are still amazing and awesome and interesting, NOTHING LIK THE ******** HERE. they are all really selfish an dike to start lots of drama. Im def transferring, but i have to transfer in the fall...which means i either leave here and go to a community college in the spring then go to my new school in the fall of 2011, or just suck it up and say here for the entire year. blahhhh, really don't wanna do that. its just sooo much money, why go to place that u hate and spend a fortune on it for and ENTIRE YEAR. it makes no sense, but at the same time, i think it would look back for me to go from a good school to a two year...then to a another four year? right or wrong? idl, im confused. ugh.<br />
<br />
I hope this gets better :(

Saaaaame here, people. First semester freshman, and I hate it. I was incredibly close to my parents- always was and always will be. I had a fantastic group of close-knit friends. And now... poof. Everyone tells me that I'm a strong and confident girl and I'll pull through. "Oh, you'll get used to it, just give it until Thanksgiving, second semester, a year..." A YEAR? I have to feel like s*** for an entire YEAR? I miss my bed, I miss my room, my house, my parents, my friends, my dog- I miss my past like hell and it kills me every morning when I wake up and I'm one day farther from it. I thought that four years at college was normal and natural. I admit I tried not to think about how it would be because I was so afraid and so sure I'd be homesick. Well, I am. Classes are okay, studying is fine (I do a lot of it). I try to leave my door open so people can come in and I constantly strike up conversations with promising looking strangers in hopes of a friend. But no relationship sticks. I hear the people in my hall laughing all the time, watching movies together and gushing about how cool this all it. My friends love college and can't get enough of it. And I... <br />
<br />
Well I'm rooming with my best friend from high school, but we're still so lonely. We're mature people, and we have plenty of alone time. It's the perfect roommate. We're still outgoing and independent from each other, but apparently those qualities don't earn people friends anymore?<br />
<br />
(sigh) I was thinking about transfering to a local community college and I would commute. And then if I felt differently, I'd give this thing another shot, but if not I'd go much more locally and dorm or commute to a four year to finish up a 4 year degree. My older brother is at the community college now, but he told me I won't make any true friends there and I'm better off here, in his opinion. I'm just at a loss. I don't want to torture myself by staying here just for the chance that I may feel better and get used to it- because it's not guaranteed that I ever will. If I leave, I'm abandoning my friend to the wolves.<br />
<br />

college isnt even a option for me. i dreaded high school, or pretty much any school since elementary, and i never seemed to get along with anyone there. i agree, its all very cliquey and weird and there doesnt seem to be any normalcy, people alwaysd trying to be something they are not and its all very fake and phony to me. this happens at past jobs ive worked at too. what can i say, i hate my age group. i hate being a 20 something, i want to be older so i can talk with adults and stuff since i get along with them better. ive been out of high school for about 5 years, and i am doing better then i was when i was in high school. although i work at this resturant with a bunch of annoying people i have nothing in common with, at least im getting paid this time lol. i do plan on going to school but not "college". but a trade school for something i personally want to learn and perhaps get a certification in. you dont HAVE to go to college to be successful in life. how many clelebrities do you hear about that NEVER went to college and are now making millions of dollars? and also other career paths that you can choose that you dont have to go to a campus or college have a great life. noone in my family went to college and yet we have plenty through various different paths. know-how is a very underrated thing, haveing a skill, a trade that peopple can use. i dont want to get an office job so screw college.


what college is this?

I am in the exact same situation as you. <br />
<br />
For a while I felt as if the reason for my unhappiness at my college was because I was a part of a lot of groups of friends but never really the one getting the calls, rather the one making the calls. This being my first choice college, I couldn't fathom being anywhere else. I was unhappy right from the beginning and decided that waiting it out would make it better. Every time I went home I would dread going back to school. Every time I logged on to facebook I would dread reading the messages from my other friends about how much they love college. I realized that I hated much more about the college than the people, the small size, the isolation, etc. <br />
<br />
Finally, I decided that my best bet was to fill out transfer applications. Having the option to be somewhere else next year is what has saved me from possible depression. Since I have filled out these applications, I now feel free to go hang out with whoever I want, join whatever club I want, and basically do as I please because I know I will never have to see these people again so I am free to be myself. It is still tough and hurts every day, but the best part is knowing that in a few months the BS will be over. <br />
<br />
Just out of curiosity, a lot of these posts are from earlier in the school year or the semester. Have any of you who had these feelings of hatred towards your school in the past, had a change of heart? If so, what triggered that shift from unhappiness to happiness?

isn't that the most frustrating thing: when people tell you what you're doing wrong, as though the fact your college experience sucks is all your fault? even when they mean well, it can still be very annoying. i know i entered college the same person i was in high school, personality-wise, and yet my experience with making friends has been completely different here. i didn't change in the three months between finishing high school and starting college, but my environment sure did! it's also really, really hard when you see other people, like your boyfriend, having a great experience at school while yours totally sucks. that happened to me too. there were many times i did start to wonder "what am i doing wrong?" but trust me it's not your fault! *hugs*

when you say your school is small... when i tell you my high school had more people than not only my school but the town as well! i hate this place sooo much. its just lie one bug hell hole. i go home every weekend or to my bofriends college. i love it there and sometimes i wish he didnt go there so i could. i love everything about where he is and wish i would have the experience he had his freshman year. i know he tries to help by giving me advice but im not stupid i have tried all of that. im not stupid i know how to make friends. this place just sucks and i hate it!! i spend more time crying and wishing i was home than anything

EMT training is a good idea. i wish you luck either way, whether you get back into trucking or decide to go down another path.<br />
<br />
that environment is exactly what i long for, the kind where everyone shares the same goal rather than a small handful of people being interested in actually learning a skill while everyone else could give a damn less. it really is the land of BS.

Well, some trucking companies told me that a total of three years had to pass since the accident before they could hire me.<br />
Two years down, one more to go and then we'll see what happens.<br />
If all else fails, I may just look into some other voc-ed like EMT-Basic to-Paramedic training.<br />
<br />
At least in the technical/vocational classes, the material is exciting and everyone in there is specifically there to get their training and get out the door, no bull or anything disruptive.

bentstrider - you described the college environment perfectly. it truly does feel more like a place where parents dump off their spoiled little brats than a place of higher education. i can't even tell you how many classes i've had cancelled at the last minute because me and maybe two other people were the only ones who showed up in a class of 20+...<br />
<br />
i'm sorry about your accident and that you're now having to face this world of college crap again. i hope you're able to find some kind of alternative again. good luck!

YES!! if everything goes according to plan, i should be able to leave next thursday! YAY!! :)

I started taking college classes back in '01, but felt the environment felt more like a boiling soup bowl as opposed to a mixing pot.<br />
Nonetheless, I decided to start working and found that vocational education(ie getting my truck drivers license) was better than sitting through different sets of subjects where the learning environment was either disrupted, or non-interested as a whole.<br />
<br />
Fast-Forward eight years later, I now find myself back at the local colleges doorstep after a trucking accident from '07 has made getting back into that industry, hell.<br />
After taking a couple of classes for a few weeks, I now know why I got away from them...<br />
<br />
Too many brats being sent here as an alternative to daycare.<br />
(didn't mean to make this longwinded, but I'm being hounded to go back and try again)

i can completely relate--all the times you should be feeling happy (i.e. birthdays) instead totally suck, through all the misery...even though i'm in my third year now i still feel lost much of the time. i wouldn't mind us going to the same school at all. having someone around who gets it would be nice! lol.

**** my life, im in this exact position, here sitting on my birthday realizing how unpleasant i am. I dont know if its the school or me, i suspect i need to mature a little and leave this hell hole of a school. When i left highschool i expected to college to be a blast much to my suprise, ive hated it since the day i arrived. Howd things work out for you runnagirrl. Maybe you should come to my school, and i could have someone to suffer with mutually. haha, whatever, back to work.

GOOD QUESTION! if i ever figure it out i'll let ya know, but i doubt i ever will.

I hate the place i am currently at. I am definitely a shy person, but not unfriendly. I hate that in order to enjoy myself at my college I have to make friends with people i don't even like or ever want to like. Why does college have to be middle school all over again?

i fully empathize with both of you. i know exactly what you're going through. any time you ever want to talk about anything, i'm always here to listen.

I know how you feel, I'm in my freshmen year and it ******* sucks so far, its like living at middle school. Everyone here seems to be party-ish extravert dumbassholes I'm really not fitting in to well here...

I can sympathize completely. I feel ostracized and miserable all the time. I'm in debt and seemingly surrounded by empty-headed Bratz dolls wannabes. SOS...