I'm Struggling To Be Positive About College

I really hate college so much. I'm currently in my second year of sixth form college and I'm hating it and I've got another year left. I am studying Health and social care BTEC Level 3, Science BTEC Level 3 and GCSE Maths.
When I started college last year, there was no dress code, my timetable was Monday 8.30 - 2.30, Tusday 8.30 - 1.00, Wednesday 8.30 - 3.30, Thursday 8.30 - 2.30 and Friday 8.330 - 12.00, we had a common room, we had several free lessons, we were allowed to use our phones and music players in some lessons. Now, because we have a new headteacher, (the Ofsted results were not good) everything has changed so dramatically and quickly, we have a stupid dress code, we are in a full school timetable (everyday, and only 4 free hours a week!) we get moaned at if we are seen with our mobiles or music players, we're not even allowed fizzy drinks or food from outside the college and this is getting me down, I've even cried because of it. My sister goes to a different college, she's doing a different course, and does Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, she loves it! College is supposed to be the best times of someone's life, but I don't want to be there anymore. I don't want to drop out and quit, so I've tried to find somewhere else, but there is nowhere else that does the same course and the course I need to get into university (I need to do GSCE science as I got a D). This builds a bigger problem as the places that do science and health and social will be out of my area!!! The college has messed up, because they told me I was doing fine when I'm clearly not when everyone else in my year is leaving this year, and I have to go on with no friends. I just really don't know what to do, but after college, I'm hoping to do animal science at university.
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Hey all, I know this was about a month ago, but I have some news!<br />
I have applied to another college, am getting my maths results this week too... And, at the college I have applied to, they said they have spaces! :)

Thanks guys, I will keep you updated. I'm planning to look at another college tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to go there =)

i think you're gonna need some time...<br />
college is one of the most stressful periods during our lives. if anybody calls it the best time, theyre referring to their youth and all the other "extracurricular" activities that we all live to do when schools out.<br />
yes, it sucks to have to sit and listen to someone talk for four hours, etc. i hated it too. but i had to get through it. its just a stepping stone to get to a better place. i do my time and get the heck outta there. <br />
but i think i see a bigger problem here. with general ed requirements you really dont have a choice in the classes you take, but when you work on your bachelors or masters degree, be sure its in something that truly interests you. that will make it a lot easier to get through. i'm regretting not doing that. focus on a degree that inspires you and makes you happy. i wish i had

I sympathize with you. I' studying business administration-marketing which aint gettin no easier since i'm in my bachelor program with slighty higher academic expectations. That's tough being not allowed your fizzy drinks and food which I think takes physical energy from you being able to study effectively. It don't sounds too bad despite your monday through friday schedule but then again it seems like ba<x>sed on your testimonial. I'm sure you can transfer your program to another college which sounds like the best alternative to this situation. Don't quit although things aren't in your favor is all I'm going to say. I guess academic policies have the sayso in my college experiences as well because we have to follow suit or drop out. Stay positive my friend and keep me updated about your situation.