College Is Terrible

ok so i am a high school drop out so i am well aware school and me do not always get along that said i went to a community college for a couple of years shortly after high school..i think i was around 19 when that started thanks to parents that said GO TO COLLEGE and me thinking college is the thing for me.

well i quit there despite being 8 classes away from an associates one i was. but thats cause i had to take a semester off for foot surgey and my parents kept bugging me to get a job something i didnt want to do and goto college at the same time(was living at home) because again school and me dont get along despite i am fairly smart its just the traditional BS of school irks me. so i quit college.

i worked at a grocery store for a few years and lost all faith in humanity.

well i decided to try college again but away from home(2200 miles away) and got accepted into a university(dont ask me how i truly have no idea i think they were high). well computer science was my degree at my first school and i decided to take it back up here at a university...well all my classes did transfer but 90% of them were transferred as generals so not applicable to the stark contrast is the CS teachers here are terrible in comparison. so after a year of hating myself for this decision i changed majors to psychology and figured why not get a CS minor i think i can handle that.

so i have been out here for 2 years(1 year doing the psychology major) main gripe is not that i am asocial(the proper term for what we usually call anti-social) but rather the entire BS of it all.

in school the classes are mostly BS crap. the structure is usually questionable. almost every class the teacher feels the overwhelming urge to praise democrats for no apparent reason at all and in some cases i think they truly do worship Obama as a God. this might be relevant in perhaps POLITICAL SCIENCE classes but not in psychology or Computer science classes. the relevance of C++ and obama being God is truly lost on me.

then we have the homework and the boring lectures....good gosh. the homework is often terrible and rarely does one learn anything. general education classes are very pointless and have done nothing but test my patience. there is of course the general close mindedness of it all unless you are a liberal you seriously get squashed i hate to say it but there is some serious close mindedness here no one even wants to hear an opposing view to anything to cite spike from buffy the vampire slayer "school is for making mindless atomatons" ok that probably isnt the exact quote but whatever.

there is the clique attitudes of people.

i will say some teachers have been fantastic. some truly understand college is BS....some teachers know the class sucks but have to obey a cirriculm and try and make do with what they have and some just pass you because they know it a general education class and no one is taking it cause they want to. and some truly are interested in you learning and arent complete close minded ******.

so college has given me relapses in depression.

then we have the two years(but thankfully im living alone now) that i tried student housing(i seriously must of been high to think this was a good idea)...those two years killed me....every damn day every single freakin damn day i came home wanting to kill something or someone or myself. that truly was the worst. yes thanks for blaming me for everything(including your molded dishes) and thanks for being loud and obnoxious and watching the stupidest crap on TV ever found(my brain is still hurting from the 2 hours i watched toddlers and tiaras cause someone was over cause we had to do a school project)...also thanks because you do not have voice volume other than loud. also i just flat out hate you. in fact i hate every roommate ive had. you can all freakin suck it. you all were all terrible ****** to me when i first moved in for no reason at all and apparently pranking me was the thing to do. seriously all you can just ****** die. DIE DIE DIE.

ok this almost got erased that would of sucked.

so after 2 years of roommates whom i want to kill and 2 years of sucky school i need a break. seriously need a break. but i also just want to finish my degree(im 17 or so classes away)....but the roommates and terrible school environment has killed me. i used to suffer from terrible depression and some drugs and some other stuff im not all that proud of....while the depression has hit me again full force im somewhat worried everything else will hit me again.

so yes thanks college and thanks roommates you can all go die in a fire now.

so now a new semester is on me i thought i could handled 5 classes but i know im going to drop 1 for sure and im seriously considering dropping 2 more and having a very easy relaxing semester because quite frankly im burned the **** out.
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ironically enough i have heard about that book and read most of the reviews on it very recently and learned all about the prussian school system

thanks though. i do intend to read the whole book sooner or later. just depression caused some relapses into stupid financial decisions so money is a little tighter than usual

It's the only book I have ever found that tied together all of the pieces that I had discovered when I started searching in high school for reasons why the overwhelming majority of America was so dysfunctional regardless of the socio-racial,religious,& economic disparities.

The human brain is developing the first 13-18 yrs of life, so it's real important what we introduce to it during those years. This is why so many people have difficulties thinking and forming opinions on their own. We are taught to follow a specific plan.

I assure you its not about laying blame as much as it's about identifying the problem, doing something to repair situation as early on as possible, as well as making certain it doesn't happen to your children in the future!!!

Financial Literacy is one of the facts of life here the system truly wants us to fail at. As you've learned, depending on how well one is taught and/or learns how to navigate through our gov'ts economy is the difference between living a joyful life, and living an absolute miserable life!!!!!!!!!!

I Believe Every Living Soul On This Planet Should Enjoy A Happy and Healthy Life!!!!

well its not that i am broke thankfully i have read dave ramsey and taken some of his advice so my lack of money is also in part due to finally making investments. although you are right about financial literacy and quite frankly i could do ALOT better about it.

but yep you are totally right what we introduce to the young forming brain is key. quite honestly while i am single i do want kids one of these days so i am glad i am becoming aware of the problem now so i can spare my kids the hell known as school. i dont know how i intend to pull it off but i refuse to send them to prison for 18 years of their life.

yea i have identified the problem the sad damning truth is well i need to finish college cant practice psychology without that all mighty piece of paper ya know...

honestly i dont know if that book covers it or not but if you havent look up the prussian school system and specifically aim it around the 1840s of america it will tie even more of the puzzle together. its where the root of the modern school system is created in america and as such the world.

honestly since ive started looking all of this up my misery in school makes a whole lot of sense now. sadly i still need to attend as there just isnt a real way around that at this point.

Yes the book does discuss how early that system began destroying people's psyches.

I know of Dave Ramsey. In addition to teaching my kids to strive to have more assets than liabilities (eventually all assets and no liabilities) the book I bought all 5 of my kids was "Rich Dad Poor Dad" What the rich teach their kids about money-That poor and middle class do not. By Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter. It's under 200 pages and I GUARANTEE the best under $20 you'll ever spend!!!!! It's a quick read and the best financial tutorial anyone will ever need to learn the TRUE basics of handling money.

I don't blame you for hating school, it's not your fault. Forcing babies to leave mom before they're properly weened is outright physical and mental abuse. Then forcing them to remain in this prison for 83% of the most important developmental years of their life is as criminal, cruel, and debilitating as it gets!!! I hated school so bad that when I earned a college scholarship playing football I initially refused to register for classes. I told them that if I was contributing to the gross gate receipts then I should receive a degree based on that. They refused, so I earned my Honors Degree in Economics. When I graduated I ended up getting my General Contractors license and running my own construction business for 23 years. When my youngest child graduated high school I closed my business and I am now coaching college football, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I didn't earn my Bachelors Degree!!!!! I always knew I was going to own my own business but I wanted something to fall back on in case I grew tired of it, and man did I get burned out!!!!

The only way to avoid putting your children through the prison system (short of firing the majority of our U.S. congress and giving 100% control of our gov't to We The People, which will more than likely never happen) is to home school them or find a private school that doesn't adhere to the K-12 format. Good luck finding the latter!!! In Fla if you register for home school through a church you don't have to abide by as many of the state and federal regulations or any of the standardized testing. We tried to home school my kids, I even hired teachers to come into my home, but my wife was to naive and easy going for it to work. So I was forced to send them to private school. My two oldest have graduated college and both own their own businesses, and my youngest three are still in college. I feel so bad for having to put my kids through 13 years of primary school and then another 4 of college. Nobody deserves that. That's all part of learning from our parents on how to choose a partner who is on the exact same page as you, so your babies don't have to suffer!!!!!!!!!!

Earn Your Degree and Earn A Great Living Working At Something YOU LOVE!!!

Go to The Underground History Of American Education website, read this book written by John Gatto, a teacher for 30 years, and learn exactly why you feel the way you do!!!!!!!!!!!!