So Apartment Managers....

so after living in a student housing situation for 2 years before moving to a studio apartment i was in some odd hybrid of a dorm and a apartment complex.

let us rant about the managers. in 2 years we have had at least 5 managers.

their hours are terrible and change daily.

they give cleaning checks of which you fail if a spec of dust is out of place.

the people that clean what you failed aka the maids will do a terrible job.

the towing company will tow cars for no other reason beyond the lulz. sure they post notices saying get a new sticker but this logic fails when you live with 7 other people so God only knows what happens to a notice stuck on the door. then you have to assume the towing company will put a sticker on your window and actually wait 24 hours before towing the booted car. seriously can the towing company die in a fire? no really can they just like fall out of the sky crash into the landlords house and kill her and her family? this would please me. because thanks i had 500 dollars...but there is a silver lining apparently some people came to my honor and beat the hell out of the towing guy while this happened once while i was sleeping.

i moved out. they let me out of the contract. now apparently they didnt shred my contract and i am ****** unless i can get someone to buy my contract that they cancelled but because the person that cancelled it no longer works there i am ******. not that this makes any sense as my contract is the old rate if they let me out a new person would pay an extra 100 dollars a month but no they just like to **** people over. seriously if i cannot get out of this in a couple of weeks that is 400 dollars a month that i am stuck with....because apparently they decided to not tell me i owe them money until this month letting two months worth of bills and late fees pile with october this would be month three probably 1000 dollars just piled up....gee thanks a-holes.

there is of course the lack of ability to repair anything.

you know what i sincerely hope they just die. just ****** die. seriously just ****** die.

i swear their purpose is nothing more than to **** you over without any lube.

seriously why has this venture to school worked out not even close to what i intended???

has anybody just ever wanted to set fire to a building? seriously i hope the landlord, the apartment manager, and the dumb ******* that work their all choke on ***** while burning to death in a slow agonizing fire while handcuffed to a steel post.
kayne2000 kayne2000
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

woa, i feel your passion, but never wish death on ANYONE...