I'm F*cked..

College has been the bain of my lfe for the last 5 years and in that long time i have still learned nothing -- have no real skills earned from college even though i am now in my final year and expected to suddenly pull it together.

I failed 3rd Year and so sat out for a year - in that time i got full time office job, saved some money and went to South America for 3 months. Working was tough and repetitive and made want to be back in college.

but now i am back -- and it is worse than i could have imagined.

there is just six months left but i am floundering so badly that i think i might have already screwed it up. assignments are staking up and i have no idea what i am doing. i am not sleeping with anxiety and am missing so much class because of not having finished work before a class.... i hate the subject but have always just seen no way out as my parents spent their hard earned money which they do not have a lot of on my college...

BleedinNervo BleedinNervo
Nov 25, 2012