I Hate My University But I Can't Leave!

I go to a University that has a well known and acclaimed nursing program in Virginia, and since I'm majoring in Nursing, I'd have been an idiot to pass the place up. But I absolutely hate it there and I'm miserable. This college is great for nursing, but it has no other good programs, so it's a pretty crappy school that tends to attract really stupid people: a back-up school,if you will. No, THE backup school. In Virginia anyways, its pretty much one step above community college. Therefore, there are a lot of really stupid people and there is pretty much no one who I can actually talk to because all they think there is to life is beer and cocaine. I can't relate to anyone here, and while I have friends, they aren't people that I can actually have intelligent conversation with. What's worse is that my dad works at my university too, so I always feel like he's breathing down my neck.
Not only that, but I'm finding the classes way too easy to keep me interested. It's seriously easier than high school. I got a 4.0 my first semester and I literally didn't even try. Didn't study for finals either. I'm even in the honors academy and the honors classes that I'm required to take aren't hard enough either. I'm exasperated because it's well known around here that it's really hard to get into the Nursing School, and yet I don't even feel slightly challenged academically. I'm so bored! Not to mention that my roommate is disgusting, but that's another story entirely. Still, I'd be an idiot to pass up one of the best nursing programs on the east coast, so I can't leave.
Has anyone else been in this position? What would you do?
CarenNiles01 CarenNiles01
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I think the best thing is for you to look for a real challenge and change schools. :)