The "Real" World

Words cannot express how much I hate this term. The "real" world. What the crap does that even mean?! My teacher said this the first day of class, and I wanted to punch her in the face.

This past Wednesday, I felt like I had the longest day of my life. I left my house at 8:45 am, and didn't get back until 11:30 pm. Did I mention I had been up since 7:00am?

I got up on Wednesday and I had to dress up for work as we were having a celebration. I brought a pair of flip flops because I was going to have to go to class as well as work, and I didn't want to wear high heels all day. I drove to work, and stayed there for about two and a half hours.

After my shift was up, I had to quickly go eat lunch because I had about forty minutes before I had to walk to class. At the place I work, there is a food court, which is usually extremely busy between the hours of 12 and 1. I got off work at 12:30. I stood in line with my high heels tied to my laptop bag so I didn't have to carry them, as I was wearing my flip flops. When I finally got my food, I had to spend about five minutes trying to find a place to sit down and eat because it seems like the food court didn't set up enough tables for the amount of people who eat there from 12 to 1. By this time, I had twenty minutes before I had to get to class. I spent about fifteen minutes eating and then had ten minutes to walk to class.

I arrive in class, and the teacher has nothing useful to say. Instead, I have to listen to two classmates regurgitate the information I just read the night before in the form of a presentation. I tried to use the Internet in my class, but the browser wasn't able to find the server. I checked my network connections, and the signal was strong, yet I had no connectivity. WTF?! How does that work?! I tried to repair the connection, but got no result. After giving up on surfing the Internet, I felt myself getting stupider as the class dragged on. When class was over, I had to go back to work. After getting back into the building I work in, I had my first break of the day, at 2pm, so I sat down for thirty minutes.

When it was time to go back to work, I put my high heels back on and worked for another two and a half hours. When my shift was over, I met my boyfriend for dinner in the same food court where I had lunch, because I had to work again later that night. After we had dinner, I went back to work.

After my third shift was over, the person working with me asked me if she could buy me a cup of coffee if I gave her a ride home. I agreed, so we walked to my car, picked up my boyfriend, and drove to a coffee shop. Then I dropped her off, and had to run to Target. After coming back from Target, I finally got to set foot in my house at 10:30pm. I usually go running with my boyfriend for about 10-15 minutes at night, so we went out to do that. My boyfriend had to go to work, and I told him I would drive him because I had to go fill up my car with gas. I dropped him off at work, and filled up my gas tank. Then I finally got home at 11:30.

If this isn't real life, then what the crap is?! As far as I am concerned, I already live in the real world. This day is a good testimony of that.

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2 Responses Sep 19, 2008

Yeah, she's such an idiot. I don't know what possessed my university to hire her on as a teacher other than my university is idiotic and moronic as well.

DAH your teacher is a MORON