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I don't understand group projects. I have spent a good chunk of my college life in group projects. I don't know what the point is. My professors always say, "Group projects teach you how to interact with people in the real world." What the crap?!!?

As if I didn't know how to interact with people, as if I haven't had any experience working with people I didn't like, but having to treat them kindly anyway. Hello!!! I have a job, and I do this all the time. There have been a good share of employees because there is high turnover, and I have had to work with lots of different people I didn't necessarily like on projects I didn't necessarily enjoy.

Group projects are ways for professors to cram more crap into my already booked schedule. Between work, class, homework, and trying to live life, I hate trying to mesh schedules with the five other group members. Trying to find a common time for five very different people to meet is nearly impossible.

The group project for this class is lame because it is regurgitated information from the chapter in the textbook. It is something I feel that my professor should be doing. Shouldn't the professor be the one actually teaching the class?! Instead she makes us tell the class about the chapter, which does nothing except bore everyone out of their minds. I feel like I am learning nothing, no new information. I feel like my professor should be bringing new information in that relates to the chapter, not having us vomit information at our fellow classmates.

Stupid college.

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I hate group projects too. I have one next week. It is actually a debate that has nothing to do with the class. It is not going to be on the exam or anything, so I asked what is the point of this debate presentation??? Not to mention that my group members are lazy

If universities would pay us students to give presentations, that would be fine with me!

My human resource presentation was basically on a section of the book the teacher didn't want to go over in detail and so was everyone else's! <br />
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I can see the point of group projects in marketing, communications, or other sort of business type class but that's about it. Otherwise it seems like I am doing what I am paying my teachers to do.

ah yes, i've had several teachers like that in college, and i'm only a sophomore! i should tell my journalism teacher about that barcode video. i'm sure she'd love to show it in class, since it'd take away from actual "teaching" time and is completely irrelevant to journalism!

Runnagirrl - Yeah. My teacher hasn't taught us anything so far. She posts irrelevant articles on our class website, shows us You Tube videos that are a joke (one of them was "What Barcodes Are."), and makes us give group presentations about what she should be teaching. She's an idiot.<br />
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Silver01ta - I could see how projects where students are required to actually make something with the knowledge of what they learned in class would be useful group projects.

yeah, i can understand it in the case of something that's hands-on or requires a huge amount of work. all the group projects i've done in college, though, have been things where group work wasn't very helpful. actually, most of the assignments i've done in groups would probably go much faster individually. they do love that cover of learning how to "work with people." that's a universal line, i guess!

Depends on what the group project is. From my experience, group projects are sometimes needed. Some of the projects I had to do in engineering required 3-4 people just because of the immense requirements. But as far as learning to "work with people." Overrated. Totally agree.

ugh. group projects make my skin crawl! i feel the same way. our professors are there (supposedly) to teach us new information, but instead they stick us in groups so they don't have to. group projects are a useless waste of time, especially when everyone else in the group happens to be hungover, not in class, or not have done the reading...that's how you wind up carrying the whole workload for yourself.<br />
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stupid school, i hate it!