College Is Ripping My Psyche Apart...

And I mean that...College is literally driving me insane. From the strict curriculums that fill YOUR education up with a bunch of **** that they believe YOU should take...the professors who think that they know EVERYTHING about their subject when in fact some of them can't even correctly reference a book that THEY THEMSELVES wrote...the hierarchy is killing me...the way that the different year levels go at it or the way that the administration acts JUST LIKE the insanely corrupt US government...all the lies and PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE ALL OF THE TUITION AND FEES GO????? Anybody...ANYBODY??!!!!!!!!!!!


And the students...OMG...really? really? I was under the impression that UNC was one of the top schools in the nation. But I have a very strong suspicion that it may actually be...and that the other "top" schools, both public and private, are overrun by similar idiots...not to mention the kiss-*** factor...these students, in my view at least, seem to have VERY LOW self-esteem...they need the external validation...they need the approval of authority and peers alike...and then they look at me like I'm crazy for wanting to form my own opinions...for questioning the presuppositions that make getting truth almost FREAKIN IMPOSSIBLE...and I, like a dumb-***, actually came to college hoping to learn and grow...what I didn't realize was that college is not a place to find least not a large public school...because there are too many rules and restrictions and too many other students to impose the majority view of things...

I mean listen, I haven't seriously gone to class since freshman year...its the end of my third year gpa is higher than many of my peers who stress about school and go to every class and study...and they look at me like some special case...NO...I'M NOT SMARTER THAN YOU ALL...I just don't care...and because I don't care I think that it comes out in my how I'd use a paper worth 50% of my grade to criticize education methods using THE professor as a prime example of horrible teaching

Where are the grown-ups? Whatever happened to them? Because I see a lot of my high school compadres "acting" grown up and dressing grown up and conducting themselves in ways that they believe convey maturity but their intellect and their logic has increased NONE since high school...there's still the immature reasoning...the pettiness...the ________ (fill in the blank)...and these are the future policy makers and lawyers and legislators and you name it!!! We're all royally screwed because people really do believe that wisdom comes more from age than knowledge rant has long gone off topic but this is killing me...and the fact that I'm in debt and the economy is going to pieces is ******* me off too...I mean, i don't want to be a corporate wage-slave but what's going to happen when I can't pay back the loans...will they have me evicted from my apartment...garnish my wages so I can't eat...WTF...this was all just been one massive waste of time...

and I actually have a test in a few hours that I should probably be studying for but its not only that I don't give a F%$^...its that I CAN'T give a F%$^...

I'm tired of jumping through hoops set up by stupid people who believe that they know what's best simply because they're older or because they've reached positions of power...REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY GOT THERE...

ugh...i am just absolutely disgusted with the state of my life right now...i feel like i'm going crazy...i just need to drop out and go do something...volunteer somewhere...DO SOMETHING to bring me back to reality because this ivory tower simulation is just too ****** UP

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so true it hurts.<br />
<br />
college has provided some eye opening realizations but its also torn up about all my psyche. <br />
<br />
terrible curriculms in many cases. teachers that suck...though ive had a few that were amazingly great. i found a teacher that doesnt give tests because she actually admits testing is or why i found her and why is she teaching i dont know...but seriously thank you<br />
<br />
i learned stuff in her class and it was stress free. i know that wont happen again lol<br />
<br />
but yes largely terrible curriculms, terrible teachers, terrible courses you have to take, the APA format is terrible...there is seriously no point to it. its a cluster bomb.<br />
<br />
i switched from computer science to psychology(so sadly a degree is needed)...but beyond that one class i mentioned with that one teacher ive yet to have any classes teach me hardly anything about ya know helping people...which i guess is what i would use a psychology degree for. and i am junior and i still feel like i have no idea what any of these classes have taught me to do with the degree.

Wow that is a really… actually interesting and deep perspective. Most people are too caught up in the drama of 'college life' to notice the things that are really going on, or more accurately NOT going on. <br />
<br />
In college; too often it is there that people obtain a false sense of what is happening. Don't think I'm trying to knock college because it has its purpose. I’m just saying that it is true that there is so much focus on the 'culture' of college, rather then actually college being used for a purpose.<br />
<br />
Most college people are not really prepared for real life... it is a business like any other, and is designed to generate money, the product is education.<br />
<br />
I think that if everyone entered it with the perspective of what it is truly is, then there would be a lot less drama, and show. There would be a focus on what is real, and so much more important.

I totally understand where youv are coming from.