Waste of My Time

So i am in my second year of college and i hate it just as much as my first year.  I did not want to go to college to start with because i have never liked school, but i went because i want a good job and dont know how else to do it without a college education.  But i cannot believe that this is necessary for anything i am going to do in my life.  I dont care about 95 % of the things i have to learn and the classes i have to take in my first two years.  It is such a waist of time it is going to do nothing for me.  I dont need biology nor do i care, the biology i got in highschool will do just fine why do i need to go into depth in the subject.  I understand how english is important but some of it, i dont care about learning the history of writers and poets.  History i could careless it was history for a reason it has no use in the future for my life.  for my career path the american revolution will not help me in any way.  I do not understand what college math i need, even my math teacher i currently have (college mathmatics) she says it is useless and we will never use again.  SO why the hell do i have to sit through this class!!!!!!!!.  ya know these classes you are required to take in your first two years are seriously so absured.  If your career path has to do with biology then take bio, if it has to do with history then learn about the american revolution.  I hate school so much i do not understand why the hell america says go to school to get a good career when its waisting my time just let me learn my field get to work quicker and start contributing to the economy, rather then being broke never spending a dime on anything bc i cant afford it and just being miserable because school is seriously absured, at least the first two years are

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

I didn't like college because of the social aspect. Also, I didn't like the idea of going on borrowed money and having to pay it all back once i graduated (job or no job) . College is not a guarantee you'll get a job. It's actually a lot harder putting yourself out there and marketing yourself to get a job. That was something I did not learn to do (surprise surprise) in college, and why I have always struggled to find employment. If you find a trade school, maybe you would be better off.