College Is High School Part Two

"You dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a ****** education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library-Good Will Hunting"

I first went off to college when I was 18 but I went to community college. I didn't like high school and I didn't enjoy cc. I felt pressured to go even though I've never had a desire to go to college. I come from an "educated" family, my parents both graduated from college, they were professors, even my stepdad was a professor but has since retired. I didn't know what I wanted to major in but I just felt pressure from my family to go to college. I eventually finished some courses but then decided to just go to work.

It sucked. I worked at plenty of places meanwhile on my off days I tried to explore what it is that I liked in life. I realized at 24 years old that I liked the arts like illustration, game design, graphic design. So I decided to enroll myself at a different community college so I went back at 24. I'm 26 and I don't even have my associate's degree. A lot of professors in college have this apathetic attitude. For instance I have to take two science courses, doesn't matter what, just that I have to take them.

My biology instructor explains things once and then moves on. Although he's not rude to me, you can see that he's impatient and there have been people who told him upfront that its difficult to understand what he was talking about. Instead of explaining things again, he just asks the student that knows biology well, to help explain things for the rest. 

Also what's up with all the general core classes. English 101 and 102...compositions are what I had to write in high school for all four years. Why do I have to retake the same classes in college? A lot of college just seems like repitition, I feel like when I turn in my hw to a professor that I'm turning it in to a boss. Its like they're trying to prepare you for the corporate world. I hate that college is a requirement and don't let them kid you like its a choice. No its a requirement for a good job. 

Yea I realize that there are people who have made it without college but what do you do until you have made it? You have to play by the crap rules the world puts out for you. I hate that so much. College wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have apathetic professors who roll their eyes when you need to understand something. It wouldn't be so bad if learning was fun and textbooks weren't so dense. Why can't learning be fun? Why do they make it so boring even subjects like art history that I liked, I've ended up hating when the semester ended because of the class that I took.

There are so many people who justify that college is worth it. I think they try to justify that their time and money isn't wasted. I just don't feel the same way that they do. College is a business and its a money pit. Why should people have to go in debt to be educated? Why? Its so twisted the way that the world works. I also hate how they try to imply that going to college will better your future, then why are there so many graduates who work minimum wage jobs?

Colleges sell you dreams of hope. But even after all this, I'm still stuck in college, hoping that someday getting a  degree will pay off. I just feel like college has killed off my curiosity in life,  in learning, I don't even want to pursue a master's, I just want a bachelor's and then to be free. I want to be free from this prison. 

Why do I have to take stupid classes like communication 100 when I'm a graphic design major? Why? It just doesn't make sense. I know how to speak in front of co-workers, and I'm not going to be a motivational speaker. Why do I hate to take some crap class I don't care about? At this point I just don't care. I don't care if I get C's in my general education classes, as long as I pass then that's what I care about. 

I just care about my major classes because they're what I really want to study. Also those professors who are so smug, well most of them won't come unless they got paid. College is a business for these people and for the faculty and admin. And I understand even professors have bills to pay, but charging so much tuition for a basic degree? Come on! Its a joke. 


jdmxrain jdmxrain
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2009