I do not want to start up college this year with a bad attidude , but I have nothing to look forward too. My classes are pretty much exactly like last year, and I will most likely not have to put any thought into most of my classes except chemistry, which I will struggle to make by along with 200+ kids. I hate being at a large university, and being in the city. I am pretty much faceless and I will feel as if what I learn is pointless facts that I will shove into my head and then forget directly after the test. I do not belong in the college life, I do not party, drink or smoke. It is hard to relate to people because I am not interested in the same things that other people my age like. I pretty much have no friends, except for one friend who is moving.
I hope to transfer schools, somewhere rural and hopefully things will be better. Of course, my family thinks I am stupid and wants me to transfer to a different college, in another freakin' city in the same state. Maybe something will change and I will be happy to stay, but right now, I do not know what else to do.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Maybe go to a private college because the classes are smaller