It Doesn't Make Any Sense to Me.

I am now a Sophomore in college and things seem to be getting worse and worse.  I attended a Community College my first year and found it to be much more satisfying than the University I attend now.  I'm not the biggest party animal in the world but I do attend parties at least once every weekend. So it is not the social aspect of college that is killing me, I actually do enjoy most of it. 

For me it seems to be the classes.  I am dropping so much money down the drain to listen to my Professors from India try to teach me when I can barely understand them.  And even the one Professor I can understand is horrible at his job.  I have to do all of the learning on my own, but for some reason still attend class because I feel that I am paying for it so I might  as well. Yeah, I slide by with a 3.4 GPA. But the fact is, is that I am not learning anything.  I am not interested in my classes that they force me to take, and I just cram the information in my brain and spew it out for them and forget it the next day.  This is no way for them to run an educational program, and from what I have heard a lot of colleges are not much better.

I guess I just don't understand how these systems are set up. I want to learn, I really do.  But how they go about making me do so is not good. I thought after I left highschool things were going to be better and I was finally going to be happy.  But on the opposite, I think that I was happier in highschool then I am now.

JohnFreeman JohnFreeman
Mar 2, 2009