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I Can't Stand My College

 I'm a college freshman, and its been a month since I moved in.  In the beginning I had high expectations.  I knew it would be hard, but I thought I could handle it.  I went around to peoples rooms and introduced myself (im a really shy person, so I usually don't do that) and I was feeling pretty good that I was now in college.  As the days went on, nobody came to introduce themselves to me.  I thought since I got the ball rolling, people would like to come talk to me.  That was a lie.  

Now, a month into college, I can't stand it here.  I miss my family so much, and I just want to be able to go home.  I'm not a party person and I don't drink so its a little hard finding friends who agree with me.  I've joined a couple clubs but their really intense about what their doing.  I thought it was gonna be more about having fun and getting to know people, but its not like that at all.  I go to class everyday and I try to pay attention, but I hate it here so much that I'm just not motivated to work hard in my classes. I'm doing good so far, but as the weeks go on, I'm afraid that I might start failing classes, and then my parents will kill me.  People tell me all the time that college is the best years of you life.  I feel like im letting them down in a way because I can't stand it here.  My friends who have gone away to college absolutely love it.  I feel so jealous of them because thats not what is happening to me at all.  People also tell me that I'll finally get away from my parents.  I never saw college as "getting away" from my parents.  I love my parents and love to spend time with them.  I think I made the wrong choice of moving away.  My plan is that second semester I'm gonna transfer to my community college back home.  I know thats not the ideal plan, but it will get me with my family again, and it will cost so much less.  I might also finally figure out what it is I want to do with my life.  I hope the next 2 and a half months go by quick.  I just want this experience to be over.  That is so pathetic, but its true.

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I completely feel the same way! When I first came to school I loved it. Everything was new and exciting. I had to leave my boyfriend, so that was sad but I was excited for college too. I had friends from my old high school that went to my new college (3 hours from our old town), so I thought it was good. I had a very close friend here too, and we hangout all the time even though we weren't rooming together. I even had my sorority too, so I was happy. In September my friends roommate moved out, so I moved into her room. It was fun for a while, because then my boyfriend could come and stay on the weekends. When he didn't come I would go out Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. But after while, I realized my boyfriend probably didn't like that so I stopped. My roommate started to change too. She always blew me off to hangout with her other close friend, and I always felt second wheel with them. My dorm was really far away from the dining hall and workout place so I had to walk there in the cold a lot since I don't have my car here. In November, I decided I no longer wanted to go to college here, and started looking into schools closer to home. I just got back from Christmas break and I felt so alone that first day. I do have friends here, but I'm not super close with all of them. I miss my boyfriend so much, and I've never felt so sad as I did the day I came back to school. I'm seriously so excited for the end of the school year. I hope these 4 months go by fast. If anyone else is in a similar situation, tell me because I hate feeling alone.

i know how you feel,i feel the same way too,the only difference between us is that i didn't leave my family,& my college is 10 minutes away from where i live,but with that,i've never felt so alone my entire life.i first got accepted into the college i never wanted to go to,& i'm angry about it!i worked my *** off in High School so i can go to a better university,& this is what i get??i regret all those nights of stressing,crying & studying,my college is refuge for people with crappy grades,plus people kind of look down upon you both personally & professionally if you tell them you go to this college,even my own friends!or they just stopped bothering to call or text,i don't know anyone,i've made friends,but i still hate it there!getting up in the morning & attending lectures for me is both physically & emotionally draining,not to mention they have weird *** rules & regulations!i feel so miserable i lost my appetite because of it,i've never felt so inferior in my life than the past 4 weeks,my older sister goes to the college i wanted to go to,so it makes it worse.

Hey there, for one thing, don't be envious of your sister, or anyone else for that matter. And I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. One thing that really hindered my experience my first year, and a few years after that, was I had depression. Obviously, I am no doctor, but maybe talking to someone would be helpful for you. It helped me. There is no reason to stick with something that is making you that mentally/physically ill. And you sound a lot like my brother. He was valedictorian of our senior year (we're twins) and when he made it into college, he was so stressed that he regretted the hard work he put into schooling. Don't regret that. You're hard work in high school is really a great accomplishment! Along with possibly talking to someone, have you thought about taking a semester off? You seem extremely stressed, so that may be helpful. Just to give you time to get your head together and figure out really what you want to do. I'm sorry if this seems like such a generic response, but I really hoped I helped somewhat. Whatever you do, make sure you chose something that is the best for you at this moment. Don't think about the future, or what could be. Just think about what will help you now.

i was diagnosed with depression in spring,i'm on medication,i think i'd be less composed if i wasn't on them,they make you a bit level headed,
as for talking to people,i'm not an open person,i don't like discussing my feelings or my problems,that's why i came here,
it's because i can stay perfectly anonymous & blurt out whatever i'm feeling without anyone knowing who i am,
& if there's one thing that'll make me seem more inferior to others,is whining about it.
i don't think of it as an accomplishment if it didn't lead to anything,it was a stupid mistake & a waste of my valuable time & well being.
i don't want to take a term off because the sooner i finish the sooner i'll get out of here,besides i finish freshman year in one term,since i took all the hours from the second term & put them with the first term,it's only four subjects,since i dropped english,so instead of taking a bachelor's in four years,i'll finish in 3 1/2 years,& i can work till i get my degree then get my masters,unless i switch majors ofcourse,then i'll finish in 4 years like everyone else.the stress is more of the emotional burden i'm feeling,but not the workload,the college is pretty easy.i feel bad for whining,i mean there are people who have it worse out there.

I know this post is super old but I feel the EXACT same way. This may sound super pathetic, but it's been two weeks since I have started, and I ALREADY hate it. I hate where I am, where I live, and how far I am from home. I'm from Calgary and just moved to Kelowna about a month ago. I hate it here. I feel extremely lonely and helpless. I have made friends, but not the kind where I would hang out with them outside of class. They all seem to enjoy the school and know what they are doing. I just don't think I'm cut out for what I want to do anymore. I find myself zoning out in class, and just not taking in any information. I feel so stupid. It's been two weeks, and I have already have missing assignments. I don't want to do this anymore, but I have to. My mom has put so much effort into getting me here. She also spent large amounts of money to get me into this school. I feel so guilty just writing this. I don't want all her effort to go to waste, but I also don't want to end up wasting 2 years of my life living in misery. I feel stupid.

I am currently in your shoes i'm 6 weeks in to my freshman year and it feels like this hell will never end but seeing that you posted this 5 years ago gives me hope. I wanna transfer home after the semester ends but first I wanna know.
1. Did you regret the decision at all to leave?
2. Where are you now and do you ever really look back on your freshman year or does it impact you to this day?
3. I feel we are similar people so did transferring home make you happier?
4. How did your new college compare to the old?

I have not been on this site in so long, so I am so sorry for this late reply.

1. I am actually glad I finished out the whole year at my college instead of transferring mid year. It made me feel accomplished, even though I transfered at the end of the year. I don't really regret the decision. Sometimes I think about "what if" I didn't leave, but it doesn't really make me feel regretful.

2. My freshman year doesn't really impact me. It feels like it was so long ago to be honest!

3. It did make me happier. I felt more comfortable with my classes and my school work. It seems weird, but being away from home REALLY stressed me out, so I got extremely anxious about my school work. Being at home made me relax and not stress out as much.

4. My new college is right in the middle of a city. I commute to it, but it's nice to be where things are happening. The college at was at during my freshman year was in the middle of nowhere, literally. You had to drive 30 minutes to get to an actual town or city.

Again, so sorry for the late reply, but I hope this helped! It really does get better. I had some personal issues that didn't help the experience very much, but I have somewhat overcome them in the last few years, so things have been better. The last thing I can really say is do what you feel is best for you at this moment. If you think transferring would really help you, then do it. If it helps you out, then there is no reason for regret. Good luck!

I have a similar story. I go to a college about 3 hours away from home. I am almost midway through my first semester and I just feel lonely. At first I didn't mind. I liked the independence and being away from home. And then as time went on I just realized how much I miss home. I miss having my car, I miss my parents, I miss my pets, and I miss my friends. I don't really have any friends here. There's a few people I talk to in some of my classes and a couple people I sometimes hang out with but I still am alone the majority of the time. I eat alone, I go to classes alone, I study alone, I work out alone, and do everything alone. I have a job but it's only a few hours a week. I tried joining a couple of clubs but nothing has really stuck. My roommate is okay. We have never hung out or anything outside of our room. We just have opposite personalities. She is really extroverted and outgoing and I'm introverted and shy. She is more into partying and stuff which I've realized I don't really care about. It's weird because I actually was looking most forward to that in college. I guess because I never partied in high school I figured I would come out of my shell in college. I did experiment a little bit but I am way too paranoid about it so I don't do anything anymore. Friday and Saturday nights are the loneliest for me. I usually just stay in my dorm and watch tv or Netflix while everyone else goes out and gets drunk. I haven't told my parents about any of this. They think I'm doing well. I am thinking of transferring to a community college next semester and moving back home. I can get another job and save up for another university and just think about what I want to do with my life. The scariest part will be telling my parents. I'm worried they're just going to try to tell me to stick it out. I just don't want to be here anymore. I think I'll just slink into an even deeper depression if I stay. I wasn't really happy when I moved out but I'm even less happy now. I think moving back home will help me get my life in order and think about what I want in life.

I'm feeling the same way. I'm a freshman at a christian school. I had the perfect plan of going to an amazing school in NYC but got scared and ran away to a christian school. I had this idea that I wanted diversity and a new life and then I came here to one of the most judgmental places on earth. I hate everyone I've met and my classes because I feel like I'm wasting my time in Bible classes when I should be taking math and english for my business degree. It's been a month and my roommate is sweet but so judgmental I want to claw my eyes out. I hate it here. I've lost 10 lbs and never want to get out of bed. If I don't get out of here I don't know what I'll do. I've already filled out the common app and plan on applying to new schools for either the spring or fall 2015 semester but I'm afraid my parents won't let me go because I've already kind of but not technically transfered/changed my plans for college before. My mom is so happy I'm in a christian environment but it really is just awful. Someone please help me.

I'm at a Christian university too! I hate it here. Everyone is so judgmental. I'm ready to kill myself if I can't get out of here, and my family doesn't understand.

I agree with so many people on here and I'm so relieved to hear that I am not the only one feeling this way. I am a sophomore this year and last year as a freshman I was pretty happy in the beginning only a bit homesick (I didn't drink or smoke or party in high school so the fact that everyone was doing it at college scared me and made me feel left out but some of my friends didn't drink so I would usually deal with it) but then the first time I went home I cried so much and I begged my mom to let me stay home! Then I went back to school and had to go back home the next week for my sisters wedding and again I cried so much! But then I was so depressed after I came back to school I tried to just focus on my work but I was still so anxious and depressed (I suffer from anxiety and depression and saw someone right before college but I didn't think I would need anyone at school). So when I made plans to go home early for Thanksgiving I arranged it so that I could take my finals at home so I could get credit for my classes. Then second semester I took classes at the community college near where I live. I was happier but at the same time I was sad that I left my friends and I felt kind of bad. I kept in touch with my friends at college and I decided to even go back for my sophomore year. So now I came back to the same school I left with better hopes that I would be able to do it; I got a single in a suite, brought my car with me, and made an arrangements to start seeing someone. Even with all this help I still am sad and depressed and I've cried to my mom so many times to let me go home. My parents are very supportive of whatever I want to do. They are the best parents but I still feel that if I leave school I would be letting myself, my family, my friends from home and school, and basically everyone down. Sometimes I will have such an urge to leave and I'll be like this is what I have to do but then the next I think maybe I can still it out. At this point I just don't want to stick it out if I could just finish my classes from home I would because the sad part is I do enjoy my classes this semester but at the same time I'm finding it hard to do work because I feel distracted by thoughts of either I won't be here much longer because I'm leaving or if I don't do well maybe my parents will force me to come home. I have a lot of anxiety about people being sick around me and living around so many people in such closeness and also hanging out with people all the time makes me really anxious when people start getting sick which has already happened. Also this semester I've gone to some parties with my friends but they're just not something I enjoy. I usually find myself very depressed with the thought of the weekends because weekends here are so boring and lonely. Nothing is open before 10 or 11 on my campus and all people want to do is eat, do laundry, maybe do some work, and then get ready to go out again. I just being at home on the weekends with my family because the weekends were times for doing things. I know I keep complaining but one thing that has really gotten worse at my school is the food! The food was bad to begin with last year but this semester dining places close earlier and fewer options. They are planning on opening a new dining hall but the food is bad anywhere on campus and people here have complained so much about feeling sick or getting from the food here. I've only been here two weeks and I have yet to have a day where I have not felt ill or had stomach pains after eating the food. I just want to go home and be with my family. My parents say they will support whatever decision I make. Like many people on here I am trying to decide of whether to leave now only two weeks into the semester or try and stick it out. I am most afraid right now of the winter and it getting cold because I get depressed in the winter and people will also be getting sick which would only worsen the situation. ANY advice/guidance would be helpful!
Good luck to everyone on here.
And no matter what everything will workout in the end, we are all young and college is only a very short period in our life. Even if we it takes us a bit longer to finish or figure out what we need to do in order to be successful we will find success!! I have lots of hope for everyone here!


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I know exactly how you are feeling right now, so much that I can even relate to it. I'm not living in the states right now because I decided to move back to Colombia where my parents are from and enroll in med school down here which is pretty great academically but personally it is a horrible experience. first of all I miss the US a lot, second of all people down here at my college are jealous, cheaters, they are not serious people who don't really make any single effort in studying or something like that, they just pass through every single test cheating; girls suck on the professors, I feel like if I have gotten back into high school again. which has completely killed my motivation and my wishes to go forward with my career even in the point that I've wanted to drop out several times.
its very hard indeed when you really work hard for something and fail at it and see the people in your surrounding not doing anything at all and pass with high grades. it is unbelievable and it is ridiculous but I've got to continue otherwise it would be a big disappointment to my parents since they have invested a lot of money into this cursed thing for I must continue quietly and by the way I'm a third year student.
Greetings from Colombia (great place to visit)

i felt the same way you did! i went to a school i knew i didnt like my freshman year because my parents kind of forced me into staying close to home. my school isnt too far from home, and if i really wanted to i could commute, but it isnt practical since i have weekend classes as well this semester. i gave this school so many chances but i hate it, and im not the only one. it seems everyone i talk to didnt want to go here or wants to transfer, and since its a mostly commuter school and people live nearby everyone goes home on the weekends. its just not at all the college life i thought id have. the parties are dumb and off campus and involve sketchy rides, and i have a boyfriend so going out and getting wasted isnt something i want to do. i just miss being home and after winter break i just wanted to get this semester over with so i can transfer to another school. i know its only like 6 weeks til i go back, but it seems like forever. i think the only thing that really makes me feel better and looking at schools i can transfer to, and how much better that experience will hopefully be.

I'm in the same boat as you; I thought I was going to (and I was kind of supposed to) love college but I just hate it here so much. I hate the people here and there's nothing to do ever. I thought it had something to do with me not being adjusted but after a few months, I realized I just didn't like the school. However, that was too late to apply to other colleges for the spring semester so I'm stuck here for another few months. I pray every day that they go by fast because I'm so miserable and lonely here all the time :(

I'm in the same boat. It isn't too late to switch for spring though, but my parents won't let me.

Hi, well am I sure happy, I'm not alone! I have just began my second semester of college, and it really sucks. My first semester, I made a few friends, but we never hung outside of class. They're in to partying and drinking. As for my roommate, we're friends. We talk a lot, but we're total opposites. Family and school are my top priorities, and it seems like hers are partying and going out. I'm a little shy, so it is difficult meeting people. Luckily, I have people I talk to in class, but it still makes me sad that we all don't hang out. I'll text them all saying we should do something, guess I'm not "cool" enough cause I don't go to bars or clubs. Why is it so hard to make friends? I don't mean to come off snobby, but I believe I'm a nice, friendly person. Seems like everyone at the college I'm at wants to party all the time. I was just never in to that. In high school I worked a lot, I never hung out with my friends that much. I thought, in college, things will change. I'll meet lots of new people, make a lot of friends and have a great time. After all, apparently college is "the best years of your life". I have thought about transferring to the community college back home, but I don't want to give up yet. I'm also going to go to school in the summer, and will be taking an extra 2 classes. Partially because I'd like to graduate as soon as possible, but also because it'll be 2 more opportunities to meet people. Sounds corny I know. Anyways, I've done enough rambling on.

Hi everyone. I just slent the last 2 hours basically reading through this thread hoping to find the "right" answer. I havn't decided what to do yet but i do know that there is no "right" answer. Do whatever makes you happy. Even if you are unsure of how it will turn out...everything happens for a reason and if it is bad then you learn from it and make it a positive thing. If its good then well thats great. Point is no matter what happens with any decision you guys make is that it is not the end of the world and it will only help you in someway. Dont let it hinder you and dont regret anything. College is only a short period of your very long lives. If u dont feel happy then thats that. Maybe u feel u can stick out the semester but you dont have to. The great part about life and bei g an adult is you can make decisions and people have to deal with it. I just started my second semester at the university of arizona and i can honestlysay my first semester sucked. The school itself isnt bad. Infact i like school and taking classes but i had roommate issues and moved here after having 2 friends pass away as well as never having been away from home before. I was very depressed and miserable and never seeked help because i never feel like i have it "that" bad. But i should have talked to someone. I ended up dropping two classes and clubs because i wasnt doing well. I had 9 credits and a not fantastic gpa. I gave in and bought a ticket home for thanksgiving back to philly and loved being home.. for a week... the . Came back for two weeks and seriously it felt so long.. i moved into an apartment right before thanksgiving since i knew i was a more private own room own bathroom kinda person and that another roommate probably wouldnt it was fine at the apartment those last two weeks...but felt very long and i was very homesick..going home for xmas was amazing. I loved being able to drive and see my little sister and grandma and mom and dad etc. The little things that i always loved were still just as great and all i really care about....break came and went all too fast and i got back to arizona 2 days ago and have been crying ever since. I cried on the plane...and in my first classes. I even had the guts to tell my mom how terrible i was feeling and that i want to go home. I felt bad before but feel even worse now. My parents suggested me finishing the year already knowing i wanted to transfer to be closer to home and maybe commute but i dont think i can handle 4 more months. My mom keeps saying how short it is and how maybe she can see me on spring recess. But im just not so sure and im already feeling behind because im upset. I cant predict how ill feel later to stick it out and risk my grades and sanity..or to take online classes here to at least remain enrolled but be able to go home and look into different schools. I know family makes me happy most of all so it seems like i should go back. But this part of me..logical part..says grow a pair and tough it out.."maybe" it will get better or that its all in my mind. I cant honestly say what i think would happen in either case but i have to decide in the next couple days and im overwhelmed. My parents are 100% supportive and i know that whatever i choose i will overcome the diffulties and it will be "okay". So i just have to make a choice. And i dont know how to. Im also slightly afraid that ill go home and be like crap bad choice or that ill stay and be like oh man ita getting worse and now its too late. This campus is beautiful too but across the country and was sort of an impulsive decision on my part (my brother went to school far away too and thrived)...but hes very different then me i cant take my ow. Advice basically to choose and i want the answer to smack me in the face...sigh...

That's EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now! I need to decide, USF or UH? I have 5 days and this is completely killing me!

I started at Oral Roberts University straight out of high school. At first I was extremely homesick and very anti social. This new world seemed strange and scary. Then after my first semester I seemed to like it more and more. Then sophomore year rolled around and I began to hate it more and more. I've never really had 'friends' here, just acquaintences. I decided that i want to change majors, but the major i want isn't offered at this school. So i want to g2 this school in TN, but i can't just jump into it. My parents want me to finish the spring semester @ oru and then transfer to O'More in TN in the fall. I've had it with ORU. I'm done. I've tried to make friends. I've tried to get connected. I feel like i've tried to make the best of it all. Now, i just want to quit. I can't transfer to that school now. (i tried to persuade my parents) Now i have to stay at ORU till May 2014. It doent look that far away...but from my standpoint it looks lightyears away. I'm not motovated to make friends anymore, b/c i know i'll be leaving. i'm just tired of trying. All of my friends seem like they're having the time of their lives. And i'm here being miserable. I'm really jealous at how much fun they're having. I'm friendly, and talk to people. But it's still just super hard to make friends. People are so closed off these days. I'm trying to be happy at ORU till May, but I'm not sure exactly how that's going to happen.

I feel the same way. I've joined one of the best colleges in the UK, so it clearly is me and not them, as well as everyone else getting along fine. I'll get to my main point in a second, but firstly I'll say I feel completely disengaged, I have no friends so I spend my hours off LITERALLY walking around in circles. Im failing most of my stuff, and I dont feel like an academic. Most of all though, its making my feel really depressed, as in Im trapped, that this is my life for 2 years. I want to go out, maybe join the army or start my own business. But my parents are somewhat against that. Im at the point where I feel like if I have to go through this I'll seriously consider suicide.

I feel the same way. Im currently at a university where o don't speak the language and let me tell you I HATE IT. I feel so isolated and alone. I have no friends and just like everyone else says I see all of my friends from back home having these amazing college experiences. I'm depressed and I've come to the point where I've realized I don't even like the career I'm doing but I have no clue how I'm ever gonna tell my parents because this is all they've ever wanted for me. But I don't know what I want. Just that its not this.

I also feel very very lonely in my university. It's quite sad because I thought everything would be different and I would be able to make friends, but I haven't at all. I feel like I don't belong, I spend most of my time alone, and it hurts so much. I would never quit, however. God and my family are my pillars of strength and nothing can bring me down, not even the loneliness I experience here everyday.

What's funny is I feel the same exact way, and I'm a sophomore. I just really miss home. All of the time.

Wow. i never knew that this many people felt exactly the same as me. Coming from a small high school in nc I was really looking forward to going to college. Everyone from my small town talks about getting out of there and hating it so much because there is nothing to do but i just cant wait to go back. just because it was the next step in my life. I din't get into any of my top choice schools so my next choice was a big state school that my sister already attends and loves. As the time over the summer went by I had the opportunity to go to a super small private school about 45 minutes away from home instead where I could play any sport I wanted. (i played four sports in high school) It was an all girls school so when i told people about it they would make jokes about me going there and in the end I decided to stick with the state school which is about an hour and a half away. I was really excited to move in simply because i got to decorate my room so i was pretty excited to do that. The only thing was i got here and moved in and set up all my decorations and everything and then i was like what do i do now? all my roommates were a year older than me and had previously roomed together and already made all their friends. They didnt exclude me or anything and we became friends but they all drank and smoked and who knows what on the weekends. I dont do any of that at all and dont really like it so for the first couple weekends i was at school i chose to stay in. I used to love the weekends becasue it was a break from a huge courseload and sports all week but now i dread them becasue i dont know what to do with myself. i miss being home whcih is weird because im used to traveling for months out of the summer. when i go home and see my friends its okay for like one or two who never left but most of my friends are having a blast at their schools and dont even understand where im coming from when i say that i hate it. Plus i went home for my schools homecoming when several of my high school friends were home as well. It was great geting to see them for the first time in months but at the same time depressing because i know in the long run we probably wont stay friends. My parents will support me to do whatever i want to do but my original plan was to transfer into my top school as a second year anyway and now i want to transfer for second semester instead. The only problem is at the new school they dont really have a high transfer population and even smaller percent in the middle of the year. the chances of me getting in with just one semester are super slim. on top of that i have no major or not an idea of a major so i dont know what to do. zi cant decide if its that i hate dorm life, just this college, or what becasue i dont want to transfer somewhere else and feel the exact same way.
I prayed about this for a while but i just cant seem to find answers.

I am a second year student at a Big 10 University. I have had problems meeting people since I first got here having not been placed in a regular freshman dorm and because of some nasty rumors I was totally shut out of the greek system. I was really in the rocks academically my first semester because I was so depressed and ended up having to attend community college for one semester. I thought that I would go into my second year with a fresh take on things, but at this point it feels as though nothing has changed. All of my other friends are having amazing college experiences but I se to be the only one struggling. The hardest part is everyone I know is obsessed with this school, but I feel absolutely miserable. My parents want me to transfer, but I wouldn't even know where to go and I don't know that it would make a difference. I am usually a cool, attractive, outgoing person but it feels like no one here really likes me.

I am feeling the same way, this is my first night at college, and I know I need to give it a chance. But I just miss my family so much and I don't feel like I am connecting to anyone. My roommate is nice but I don't know if we will be good friends. It's just very hard being away from the parents, because I am very close to them. Kids talk about how excited they are to get away from home, and I'm over here dreading leaving home. I wish I would have chosen to go to the local community college and have done night classes.

Just started my third semester of college. Probably due to the fact that i have no room mates this semester, i feel very lonely and depressed. to add to the list i have anxiety problems and im very homesick at the moment. i miss my family especially my mom. My family suggested that i should transfer back home for this semester but i insisted of coming back to my current college for one more sem. How wrong i was!!!! i wish i could have done it all over again and chose to stay home. 2 and1/2 months to go before i get to go home for fall recess. im an engineering major, and having to deal with symptoms of anxiety and homesickness while dealing with all those stressful work is not fun. If my symptoms doesn't get any better in a week, i will withdraw from school. Good luck to everyone out there who sahres the same experience as me. lets hope we all will feel better soon.

i believe we shall never corner ourselves with a single decision. if you can choose to lead a path that can bring you joy, lead it no matter how absurd it may seem

I totally get where you're coming from! I moved in a couple weeks ago and I'm miserable here! I've introduced myself to people but I just havent felt a connection with any of them! My roommate is really nice, but I don't see us as being best friends. I don't like to party or drink or do drugs, and that's all that the college kids here seem to want to do! I've went to welcome events to try and make friends, but no luck. My parents said to give it one more week or so, and that if I'm still unhappy then I can transfer to the 4 year college in my hometown and just commute! I hate to leave this school because it is a really good school that is hard to get in to, but I would rather be at a less prestegious school where I'm happy than at a really good school where I'm miserable! I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who is not having the time of their life their freshman semester!

Hi, i felt the sae my first year. People are shallow especially first years. But then you meet great friends. Keep your head up.

I feel the exact same way about my college. I went into freshman year feeling hopeful that I would meet some people like me but my university is just full of people who just like to drink and rip on other people. I am have some social anxiety issues so it is hard for me to make friends to begin with, and I miss home. Sometimes I just feel so alone and it seems like everyone else is having a great time at college. It's nice to hear that I am not the only one.

This honestly made my night so much better. There's only 6 more weeks of school left but I don't think I can make it. I've never really liked my college but I've learned to deal with it and I've made a few friends on the way. But lately all the friends I did have are being complete ******** and have stopped inviting me anywhere and have been acting really weird around me like I'm an outsider. I've just been so lonely and depressed lately. It feels like everyone has their friend groups and are having a great time while I'm alone in my room. I'm transferring next year and I just can't wait.

It's crazy how I can relate to everyone here, If you need a friend or anyone on this page or in this group, I am here, we are all here :) Join my circle, we all could talk

wow and I thought it was only me. I am experiencing the same thing. I have friends but they are always busy and I am alone MOST of the time. My friends from other colleges always text me or call me saying how much fun they're having and they always ask me how is everything going. I always end up lying about how everything is going great and how much fun I'm having, when really I'm not having any fun at all. My College life is not what I expected it to be. I wish that I could meet more people that can relate to this at my college but the only thing I mostly see is people in groups laughing, having fun, and socializing, while I'm at that distant table, all by myself, eating alone.

You are not the only one at ALL! I am actually in a community college near home and it SUCKS seems like all of the kids are immature...I seriously feel like I'm in high school again trying to hear the instructor talk over all the bratty kids that can't seem to learn the concept of shut up and listen...I hate to say it but community college sucks too...I don't think there is an escape except graduation day.....

Im really glad I found this, i've been reading through a lot and i feel really the same.
i just moved back today for spring semester and i am in the process of applying to transfer schools. even though i know there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that my parents support me (which i know is very lucky), its still hard to think about how im going to deal with the day to day for this semester.
I liked all my classes last semester and i hung out with this one girl who was just automatically my best friend, but she already transfered to a community college for this semester. there are people who are friendly to me but its so cliquey and i find myself having to choose between doing things by myself or hanging out with "the group" which i have really superficial relationships with.
Ive already cried so much over this, at the airport in my room by myself. I just moved in with a new roommate for this semester and I don't know how its going to work I mean I feel like crying all the time already.. What am I supposed to say to her and how am I supposed to vent emotionally when I need to.
I hope once classes start I can just really focus on schoolwork and make new friends in class.
As older already transfered students, how did you manage the last semester? im just feeling so overwhelmed. at least i get to home for spring break. already started a countdown on my phone-- 60 days to go