I Hate College Too!

Okay, so we're all talking about how much we hate our colleges. I'm wondering which schools some of you attend? Personally,  I am at Tulane University.

Qaanaaq Qaanaaq
18-21, M
5 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I attend Kent State University in Kent, OH. Haha.

U of Montana, supposedly this great campus, yeah...if you like to be a hipster but can't afford to attend college in Seattle or Portland.

plymouth state university and now UMass Lowell. hate them both

UCSD. It sucks. All anyone wants to do is party.

Partying isn't my cup of tea either. That's most college kids for you. I enjoy doing something productive while hanging out... not being a messy *****.

i go to SJSU! If anyone goes here, hit me up! :)