I Hate Commercial Interruptions,.

I too, hate the commercial breaks, especially if watching a great film, or a a comedy, then all of a sudden there's adverts :-( omg!! they seem to last longer than the programme your watching lol and half of them get on my nerves,. So when i record anything i make sure i cut out the adverts now!! lol :-)

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Oh!!! yes that's what i meant i couldn't think of the name ''edit'' the adverts lol that's what i do!,. I loved that advert, though it was funny lol , ''for mash get smash'' lmao!! forgot about that one jj, lol :-)<br />
I know, they get on my nerves too! lol :-) <br />
Yes i do that sometimes i channel hop as well, then after three minutes come back to what i was watching! hee!! hee!! <br />
I noticed if there's an advert on one side you turn over and there is usually adverts on the one that you've turned onto!!! lmao! <br />
Thank you for commenting jimjam :-)

LOL , I do, I do that but now just record to video tape the whole thing including ads, if it happens to be a channel that shows ads. but the recorded film I edit the ads when backing them up onto DVD as I use RW DVD disc. if its some think I no longer want to watch or keep I just re-format the disc. and reuse it for either more recordings or backing up files from my computer. using rewrites saves having to by more disc. its that recycling thing. if its some thing I might not see again on TV I might put it onto a good quality DVD R disc. for personal use and to remember the film/sitcom :-)<br />
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however some ads are funny. do you remember the mash potato robot ad, years gone by. the ones I hate the most are the washing power ads as each time there's a new ad it says cleaner clothes at even lower temperatures the ad they came out with before that and the one before said the same thing! grrrr<br />
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I've even started doing this, if I'm watching a good film/movie/sitcom and the ads come on I switch to another channel to watch that program for the time of the ad, but some times this doesn't work because a couple minutes later that channel goes into a ad :-(