My Grandfather's Story

My family was very wealthy in Hungary, so when the communists came to power they redistributed all their land and wealth, killed my great-grandparents, and orphanned my grandfather. When my grandfather later took part in a 1956 revolution by college students, tanks were brought in and my grandfather was shot through the head. He managed to survive and he and 60 other boys tried to get to austria (only 7 including him survived the journey). Therefore, I hate communism. 

stevierakoczy stevierakoczy
2 Responses May 30, 2011

Same with my family in Lithuania. My great grandmother was burned to death in her home because she refused to leave her home. They boarded up her home and set it on fire. My great grandfather sent to Siberia. Luckily for my grandmother, she escaped to Germany, lived there for a few years and came here; to the grand USA. Lets hope it stays that way.

Same feelings here, Steve. If the Russians had not occupied Hungary after WW2, Hungary would be one of the best countries in Europe.