I'm a Freshman In Community College

All of my old high school friends come back from college like changed people. They act happy, renewed and somehow experienced in the world. I'm jealous of that. I go to a community college and have yet to even hang out with anyone i've met there outside of class. Maybe i'm bad at making friends and i'd be miserable anywhere? Who knows? All i know is that i'm stuck hanging out with high school kids from my hometown, i still live at home and i'm not having the 'time of my life.'

But more importantly, I don't know if i should spend an extra 10k next year to go to a state university and hope it's all it has been hyped up to be (i'm paying for my own college).
eMach eMach
1 Response Apr 12, 2012

community college is the worst. it took me until my third year to make an actual friend.